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Internet Country Codes
Alphabetical Listing by Countries

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National Anthems of the World

ISO 3166 Country Codes: 2-Letter, 3-Letter & Number Codes
ISO 639-2 Alpha-3 codes arranged alphabetically by English name of language

International Telephone Country Calling Codes
International Dialing Codes
International Dial Code Directory

AF Afghanistan AL Albania
DZ Algeria AS American Samoa
AD Andorra, Principality of AO Angola
AI Anguilla (overseas territory of UK) AQ Antarctica
AG Antigua & Barbuda AR Argentina
AM Armenia AW Aruba
AU Australia AT Austria
AZ Azerbaijan or Azerbaidjan
(Former Azerbaijan SSR, Azerhaijan Soviet Socialist Republic)
BS Bahamas, Commonwealth of The BH Bahrain, Kingdom of
(Former Dilmun)
BD Bangladesh
(Former East Pakistan)
BB Barbados
BY Belarus
(Former Byelorussian SSR or Byelorrussian [Belorussian] Soviet Socialist Republic)
BE Belgium
BZ Belize
(Former British Honduras)
BJ Benin
(Former Dahomey)
BM Bermuda BT Bhutan, Kingdom of
BO Bolivia BA Bosnia & Herzegovina
BW Botswana
(Former Bechuanaland Protectorate)
BV Bouvet Island (Territory of Norway)
BR Brazil IO British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT)
BN Brunei (Negara Brunei Darussalam) BG Bulgaria
BF Burkina Faso
(Former Upper Volta)
BI Burundi
(Former Urundi)
KH Cambodia, Kingdom of
(Former Khmer Republic, Kampuchea Republic)
CM Cameroon
(Former French Cameroon)
CA Canada CV Cape Verde
KY Cayman Islands CF Central African Republic
TD Chad CL Chile
CN China CX Christmas Island
CC Cocos (Keeling) Islands CO Colombia
KM Comoros, Union of the CG Congo, Republic of the
(Former French Middle Congo)
CD Congo, Democratic Republic of the
(Former Zaire)
CK Cook Islands
(Former Harvey Islands)
CR Costa Rica CI Cote D'Ivoire - (Pronounced Coat-dee-vouaar)
(French for Ivory Coast)
HR Croatia (Hrvatska) CU Cuba
CY Cyprus CZ Czech Republic
(Former Czechoslavakia)
CS (Former Czechoslavakia)
Now: CZ - Czech Republic
DK Denmark DJ Djibouti
(Former French Territory of the Afars & Issas, French Somaliland)
DM Dominica DO Dominican Republic
TP East Timor
(Former Portuguese Timor)
EC Ecuador
EG Egypt
(Former United Arab Republic - with Syria)
SV El Salvador
GQ Equatorial Guinea
(Former Spanish Guinea)
ER Eritrea
(Former Eritrea Autonomous Region in Ethiopia)
EE Estonia
(Former Estonian SSR, Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic)
ET Ethiopia
(Former Abyssinia, Italian East Africa)
FK Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) FO Faroe Islands
FJ Fiji FI Finland
FR France GF French Guianaor French Guyana
PF French Polynesia
(Former French Colony of Oceania)
TF French Southern Territories
and Antarctic Lands
GA Gabon (Gabonese Republic) GM Gambia, The
GE Georgia
(Former Georgian SSR - Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic)
DE Germany
GH Ghana
(Former Gold Coast - British Colony)
GI Gibraltar
GB/UK Great Britain = United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland GR Greece
GL Greenland GD Grenada
GP Guadeloupe GU Guam
GT Guatemala GN Guinea
(Former French Guinea)
GW Guinea-Bissau
(Former Portuguese Guinea)
GY Guyana
(Former British Guiana)
HT Haiti HM Heard Island & McDonald Islands (Territory of Australia)
VA Holy See (Vatican City State) HN Honduras
HK Hong Kong HU Hungary
IS Iceland IN India
ID Indonesia
(Former Netherlands East Indies; Dutch East Indies)
IR Iran, Islamic Republic of
(Former Persia)
IQ Iraq IE Ireland
IL Israel IT Italy
JM Jamaica JP Japan
JO Jordan
(Former Transjordan)
KZ Kazakstan or Kazakhstan
(Former Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic)
KE Kenya
(Former British East Africa)
KI Kiribati (Pronounced KIH-rih-bahss or Keer' ee baus)
(Former Gilbert Islands)
KP Korea, Democratic People's Republic of (North Korea)
KR Korea, Republic of (South Korea) KW Kuwait
KG Kyrgyzstan (Kyrgyz Republic)
(Former Kyrgyz or Kirghiz Soviet Socialist Republic)
LA Lao People's Democratic Republic (Laos) LV Latvia
(Former Latvian Soviet Socialist Republic)
LB Lebanon LS Lesotho
(Former Basutoland)
LR Liberia LY Libya (Libyan Arab Jamahiriya)
LI Liechtenstein LT Lithuania
(Former Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic)
LU Luxembourg    
MO Macau MK Macedonia
(The former Yugoslavia)
MG Madagascar (Official name: Malagasy Republic or Republic of Madagascar) MW Malawi
(Former British Central African Protectorate, Nyasaland)
MY Malaysia MV Maldives
ML Mali
(Former French Sudan & Sudanese Republic)
MT Malta
MH Marshall Islands
(Former Marshall Islands District - Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands)
MQ Martinique (French)
MR Mauritania MU Mauritius
YT Mayotte
(Territorial Collectivity of Mayotte)
MX Mexico
FM Micronesia, Federated States of
(Former Ponape, Truk, & Yap Districts
- Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands)
MD Moldova, Republic of
(Former Soviet Socialist Republic of Moldova, Moldavia)
MC Monaco, Principality of MN Mongolia (Informally called Outer Mongolia)
MS Montserrat MA Morocco
MZ Mozambique
(Former Portuguese East Africa)
MM Myanmar, Union of
(Former Burma)
NA Namibia
(Former German South-West Africa or German Southwest Africa)
NR Nauru
(Former Pleasant Island)
NP Nepal NL Netherlands
AN Netherlands Antilles NC New Caledonia
NZ New Zealand (Aotearoa) NI Nicaragua
NE Niger NG Nigeria
NU Niue
(Former Savage Island)
NF Norfolk Island
MP Northern Mariana Islands
(Former Mariana Islands District - Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands)
NO Norway
OM Oman, Sultanate of
(Former Muscat & Oman)
PK Pakistan
(Former West Pakistan)
PW Palau
(Former Palau District - Trust Terriroty of the Pacific Islands)
PS Palestinian State (Proposed) PA Panama
PG Papua New Guinea
(Former Territory of Papua & New Guinea)
PY Paraguay
PE Peru PH Philippines
PN Pitcairn Island PL Poland
PT Portugal PR Puerto Rico
QA Qatar, State of    
RE Réunion (French) - Île de la Réunion or La Réunion
(Former Bourbon Island or Île Bourbon)
RO Romania
SU Russia - USSR
(Former Russian Empire, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic)
Now RU - Russian Federation
RU Russian Federation
RW Rwanda (Rwandese Republic)
(Former Ruanda-Urundi)
SH Saint Helena KN Saint Kitts & Nevis
(Officially Federation of Saint Christopher & Nevis)
LC Saint Lucia PM Saint Pierre & Miquelon
VC Saint Vincent & the Grenadines WS Samoa
(Former Western Samoa)
SM San Marino ST Sao Tome & Principe
SA Saudi Arabia SN Senegal
SC Seychelles SL Sierra Leone
SG Singapore SK Slovakia
SI Slovenia SB Solomon Islands
(Former British Solomon Islands)
SO Somalia
(Former Somali Republic, Somali Democratic Republic)
ZA South Africa
(Former Union of South Africa)
GS South Georgia & the South Sandwich Islands ES Spain
LK Sri Lanka
(Former Serendib, Ceylon)
SD Sudan
(Former Anglo-Egyptian Sudan)
SR Suriname
(Former Netherlands Guiana, Dutch Guiana)
SJ Svalbard (Spitzbergen) &
Jan Mayen Islands
SZ Swaziland, Kingdom of SE Sweden
CH Switzerland SY Syria (Syrian Arab Republic)
(Former United Arab Republic - with Egypt)
TW Taiwan
(Former Formosa)
TJ Tajikistan
(Former Tajik Soviet Socialist Republic)
TZ Tanzania, United Republic of
(Former United Republic of Tanganyika & Zanzibar)
TH Thailand
(Former Siam)
TG Togo
(Former French Togoland)
TK Tokelau
TO Tonga, Kingdom of
(Former Friendly Islands)
TT Trinidad & Tobago
TE Tromelin Island TN Tunisia
TR Turkey TM Turkmenistan
(Former Turkmen Soviet Socialist Republic)
TC Turks & Caicos Islands TV Tuvalu
(Former Ellice Islands)
UG Uganda, Republic of UA Ukraine
(Former Ukrainian National Republic, Ukrainian State, Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic)
AE United Arab Emirates (UAE)
(Former Trucial Oman, Trucial States)
UK/GB United Kingdom (Great Britain = United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland)
US United States UM United States Minor Outlying Islands
UY Uruguay, Oriental Republic of
(Former Banda Oriental, Cisplatine Province)
UZ Uzbekistan
(Former Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic)
VU Vanuatu
(Former New Hebrides)
VA Vatican City State (Holy See)
VE Venezuela VN Vietnam
VI Virgin Islands, British VQ Virgin Islands, United States
(Former Danish West Indies)
WF Wallis & Futuna Islands EH Western Sahara
(Former Spanish Sahara)
YE Yemen YU Yugoslavia
ZR Zaire - Now CD - Congo, Democratic Republic of the
(Former Congo Free State, Belgian Congo, Congo/Leopoldville, Congo/Kinshasa, Zaire)
ZM Zambia, Republic of
(Former Northern Rhodesia)
ZW Zimbabwe, Republic of
(Former Southern Rhodesia, Rhodesia)

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