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In Memory of George Toyota

Monday, September 21, 2009
2:30 - 4:00 pm
Location: Program Room

The Older Adult Centre Remembers
the Life and Contribution
of Long-Time Member, Donor and Dedicated Volunteer:


George Toyota 1928-2009

Wedding Photos of Sue and George Toyota
Wedding Photos of Sue and George Toyota


George came from a large family with many siblings. George loved to travel. He and his wife toured all over the world. George had a great sense of humour and was really fun to be with even though he was rather soft-spoken. He always listened attentively when people spoke to him, regardless of who the individuals were. He had a habit of treating everyone with respect.

He started out volunteering his services at the Older Adult Centre and spent many hours serving others at the cafeteria. Later he branched out and volunteered for the Centre in different capacities including getting pledges for the annual Walk-a-Thon fundraising event.

George was generous and kind-hearted. Sue Hesjedahl, our Executive Director, gratefully acknowledged George's generous donations as well his many years of service to the Centre as a dedicated volunteer.

George passed away at the age of 81. Many of George's relatives (including George's older brother, age 87), friends, acquaintances and admirers came to the Centre to attend this Memorial to celebrate his life and to acknowledge his many contributions. His nephew Richard Toyota gave a touching, warm-hearted yet humorous speech at this celebration and we were all able to catch a glimpse of Uncle George in his younger days. Needless to say, George Toyota was well-loved by all and will be sadly missed at the Centre.