Seniors Activities at a Glance

Older Adult Centre
Spring Activity Guide
April - June 2010

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Why are good programs cancelled?

Our programs can only run as long as we have a minimum number of participants registered in them. Therefore, it is very important to register for programs at least a week before the programs start. Don't be disappointed, sign up early! In the event of severe weather, please contact the Centre at 905-615-3207. Please listen to the recorded message to ensure that your program will take place.

See 2010 Spring Brochure in PDF 13.68 MB for complete programs.

Board of Directors Update:
Message from the President and Executive Director

Thank you for participating in the “Logo Vote” to determine the logo for our newly registered charity, Square One Seniors Wellness Services. The votes were tallied and the results are in. Look for the new logo in the 2010 Spring Brochure (page 6) and in all marketing and promotional material in the future. Thanks for your input. We had a wonderful response.

We are pleased to inform you that we have secured two grants to start up Square One Seniors Wellness Services (SOSWS). We have secured $25,000 for a New Horizons for Seniors Program Community Participation and Leadership Funding grant to offer a number of health and wellness programs in 2009. This will include series of health lectures, special wellness events, support groups and much more. We also received $2,000 (sponsorship from the Ontario Seniors’ Secretariat in partnership with the Older Adult Centres’ Association of Ontario) to host the Seniors Information and Active Living Fair on March 25 and 26, 2010 at the Older Adult Centre.

Donations for our annual Tree of Sharing campaign will now flow through Square One Seniors Wellness Services. See the Fundraisers page for more details in the 2010 Spring Brochure (page 28).

New Staff Roles for 2010

With the addition of the new Charity, the staff has taken on many new duties. Sue is busy dealing with various government funders and reporting requirements, securing grants and community partnerships for both SOOAC and SOSWS, which means she is out of the Centre more often now. The Board wanted to ensure that our members always have someone they can go to at the Centre if they have concerns, suggestions or questions. We have expanded Laura Surman’s role to include Centre Supervision. Her new title is Program Coordinator with Responsibility for Centre Supervision. She is your on-site “go to” person now providing leadership for the day-to-day needs of our members. Anne Goldspink Norman has taken on more facility related responsibilities and her new title is Administration and Facility Coordinator. Anne handles all rental bookings and facility concerns. Lina Zita has taken on most of the programming for the new charity and continues to cover marketing and community development for both SOOAC and SOSWS. Karmela Buzdon coordinates the volunteers for both SOOAC and SOSWS and we have increased her work hours as a result of the increased duties.

Please join us at our Annual General meeting on Tuesday, April 20, 2010 to learn about our success over the past year and our direction for the future. Take a few minutes to review the Spring Brochure and see all of the wonderful programs, services and events that SOOAC and SOSWS have to offer you.

~ Pat Fyffe, President
~ Sue Hesjedahl, Executive Director

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