Seniors Activities at a Glance

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Older Adult Centre
Code of Conduct

Last Update: September 2010

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Mission Statement

A Centre, operated by and for Mississauga's Older Adult Residents who are 50+ years of age, which provides Social, Health, Educational, and Recreational Opportunities to enhance their quality of life.


1)       To provide accessible, affordable, and appropriate social, recreational, educational and fitness programs, in an effort to enhance physical and mental capacities of members.
2)       To promote a "family" sense of community amongst all members, promoting social interaction, friendships and community networking, thereby reducing the impact of social isolation for older adults living alone.
3)       To encourage and maintain a healthy multicultural environment to support cultural integration and participation in all Centre activities.
4)       To foster leadership and a sense of self-worth and dignity for older adults.
5)       To promote principles of good citizenship, thereby encouraging tolerance, mutual cooperation, and respect between and amongst all members.

Code of Conduct

Older Adult Centre is committed to providing a welcoming, caring and tolerant environment for our members, guests, volunteers and staff. We strive to create an atmosphere of respect and friendship which is free of conflict and fear. The Board of Directors has approved the following guidelines in respect to member and guest conduct while participating in activities, events and programs at Older Adult Centre:

1.       Show respect, consideration and a friendly attitude to others.
2.       Sign in and provide proof of current membership at the Administration Office. If attending Bingo, ensure your card is visible on the table. Without the card, no prizes will be given.
3.       Be inclusive and welcome new members to your programs. Be helpful by explaining your program rules or showing them where equipment is kept. Remember, you were a new member once too!
4.       Be kind to our volunteers. They are giving their time to ensure your programs run. If you have an issue with a procedure, please ask to speak to a staff member.
5.       Follow the rules of play for our various programs as instructed by the program leaders.
6.       Some of our programs encourage discussion, but many special events and programs (e.g. Bingo, Bridge, Musical Shows) require a quiet atmosphere so members can concentrate. Some members have hearing difficulties. In these programs, we ask that you refrain from talking until the break.
7.       Ensure cell phones are turned off or in vibrate mode during our programs and events so as not to disturb other members.
8.       For your own safety, please do not enter the Auditorium when the doorway barriers are in place. Facility staff need to completely finish setting up for events and programs before the members are allowed in the room. This is a safety regulation.
9.       Handicapped ramp access will be allowed once the room set up is completed. This is a safety regulation.
10.       In many cases, programs and/or events run in adjoining rooms (e.g. Auditorium and Program Room, or the Lion's Den and the Cafeteria). Please try to be tolerant of the noise and needs of both areas. If there is a concern, please do not confront the other participants, but rather come and discuss your concern with a staff member.
11.       Our goal is to always have a pleasant, clean environment. Therefore, our members are expected to treat the facility and all equipment with respect; returning equipment to where it belongs and ensuring rooms are kept clean and tidy.
12.       Members are asked to cooperate and take directions from staff and volunteers during any emergency situations.

Unacceptable behaviour includes: creating a disturbance, verbal or physical conflicts, making fun of someone else, inappropriate comments that make someone feel uncomfortable, yelling, use of profanity, harassment, disrespectful or critical comments, racial slurs, intimidating or threatening others, disruption of a program or event.

If you witness or are subjected to unacceptable behaviour, please do not engage the person. Tell a staff member right away so they are able to deal with it. When possible, Volunteers should see Karmela Buzdon, Volunteer Coordinator, and members should see Laura Surman, Program Coordinator with responsibility for Centre Supervision.

Failure to comply with the Code of Conduct may result in progressive discipline, which could include verbal or written warnings, removal from the facility or possible ban from returning to a program or event for a specific period of time.