Seniors Activities at a Glance

Older Adult Centre
Winter Activity Guide
January - March 2009

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Why are good programs cancelled?

Our programs can only run as long as we have a minimum number of participants registered in them. Therefore, it is very important to register for programs at least a week before the programs start.
Don't be disappointed, sign up early!
In the event of severe weather, please contact the Centre at 905-615-3207. Please listen to the recorded message to ensure that your program will take place.

Board of Directors Update:

As noted in our Fall Members' Newsletter, the Board of Directors is working with our Executive Director, Sue Hesjedahl, to pursue new funding opportunities and partnerships in our communiity. Our President, Pat Fyffe, participated on a community engagement committee with the Mississauga Halton - Local Health Integration Network (MH-LHIN) focusing on the Aging at Home Strategy. We submitted two proposals for health service funding to the MH-LHIN in October 2008. We have been invited to submit a full proposal for the Telephone Reassurance Program. The Dental Screening Program did not get selected for funding, but we will endeavour to provide the service on our own with the support of community dentists.

The Executive Committee from the Board of Directors met with a lawyer in November 2008 to start the process of becoming a Registered Charity. This will allow us to issue our own tax receipts and to start our Planned Giving Program which we have been working on. We have been told that the registration process takes 9 to 15 months, so we will all have to be patient during this time. Rest assured, we plan on continuing our operation as an Older Adult Centre into the future. The registered charity would be a new entity, connected to the Older Adult Centre, through which we would offer more health and wellness services and programs to our members and seniors in our community. By registering as a charity, it will open new doors for funding and allow us to expand in areas that we have not yet explored. The future looks very exciting foir Older Adult Centre.