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Older Adult Centre
7th Annual Variety Show

Thursday, May 30, 2013 Show - 2:00 p.m.
Saturday, June 1, 2013 Dinner and Show - 7:00 p.m.

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7th Annual Variety Show

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Older Adult Centre
7th Annual Variety Show
May 30, 2013

Walter Mishalkowsky sings Treat Me Nice at Variety Show May 2013
YouTube video, 2:12 min.
Latin Flamenca by Fiesta Dance Academy 7th Annual Variety Show 2013
YouTube video, 4:24 min.
Talk to My Heart - Dance by Kai Marks 7th Annual Variety Show 2013
YouTube video, 4:35 min.

7th Annual Variety Show

Act One

1 - "Luck Be a Lady" ~ Merilyn's Dancers
2 - "Embraceable You" ~ Phyllis Styles
3 - "Never on a Sunday" ~ Cam Wooledge
4 - "Treat Me Nice" ~ Walter Mishalkowsky
5 - "Genie" ~ Sahara Silks, Beginners
6 - "Can't Help Falling in Love with You" ~ Juliet Tandori
7 - "The Wonder of You" ~ George D'Cruz
8 - "Takin' Back My Heart" ~ Kai Marks
9 - "All of Me" ~ Virginia De Castro
10 - "Wind Beneath My Wings" ~ Leonard Nurse
11 - "Veil and Tabla" ~ Sahara Silks, Performance Troupe
12 - "You're the Only One" ~ Vangie Alcasid
13 - "Seven Day Fool" ~ Rusty Mishalkowsky
14 - "Savin' All My Love for You" ~ Lillian Bozy
15 - "Swiss Folk Dance" ~ Kathy's Dancers
16 - Intermission Music ~ Ron da Roza and Friends

Act Two

17 -"A Touch of Humour" ~ Lillian Bozy
18 - "Unchained Melody" ~ Lillian Bozy
19 - "My Way" ~ Leonard Nurse
20 - "Que Sera, Sear" ~ Juliet Tandori
21 - "Talk to My Heart" ~ Kai Marks
22 - "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" ~ Rusty Mishalkowsky
23 - "Latin Flamenca" ~ Fiesta Dance Academy
24 - "Besame Mucho" ~ Virginia De Castro
25 - "Two Lonely People" ~ Walter Mishalkowsky
26 - "Through the Eyes of Love" ~ Vangie Alcasid
27 - "Entrance of the Goddess" ~ Sahara Silks, Performance Troupe
28 - "Wonderful Tonight" ~ George D'Cruz
29 - "I Know Him So Well" ~ Phyllis Styles
30 - "Amazing Grace" ~ Cam Wooledge
31 - "Footloose" ~ The Cast


Merilyn's Dancers: Merilyn Pitt (Choreographer), Thelma Bauman, Anita Heterland, Georgiana Hendricks, Noreen James, Kathy Lin, Margaret Lok, Rose Montgomery, Jane Zimmermann.

Sahara Silks: Mary Monardo (Choreographer), Khadija Benkirane, Diane Biggs, Tess Cancino, Angela Change, Becky Cruz, Urdy Flores, Joanne Kostiuk, Lavina Law, Trany Phong, Violeta Tomic, Patricia Tsui, Sunny Wong, Mimi Yap.

Kathy's Dancers: Kathy Lin (Choreographer), Thelma Bauman, Anita Heterland, Noreen James, Frances Matias, Cathy Matic.

Fiesta Dance Academy: Sue Aquinaldo (Choreographer), Tess Cancino, Becky Cruz, Frances Matias, Mimi Yap

Many thanks to Merilyn Pitt, our resident choreographer and Kathy Lin for their hard work on our dance workshops and Mary Monardo for her exceptional work with the Sahara Silks. Without these talented instructors, we could not put on this show!

Thanks to Debbie for doing our sound and for her stage management skills - get me to the stage on time!

And to all of our performers, well done!!!

You are all stars. Keep following your dreams.


If you have photos from the Variety Show
that you would like to share,
please email them to Volunteer Webmaster.

Older Adult Centre's 7th Annual Variety Show image from Sq1OAC Bulletin Board Photo by I Lee 23 May 2013

This great show highlights the talents of our members at Older Adult Centre.

Enjoy performances by our dance classes, as well as a variety of members' performances.

Saturday evening, enjoy a wonderful lasagna dinner and salad before the show. Cake and coffee will be served during intermission at both shows.

Tickets: Thursday, May 31, 2013 Show: $8.00 Members and Guests, $4.00 Children 12 and under.

Saturday, June 1, 2013 Dinner and Show: $15.00 Members and Guests, $8.00 Children 12 and under.

Location: Auditorium Older Adult Centre
100 City Centre Drive, Mississauga, Ontario L5B 2C9 Canada
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Phone: 905-615-3207