A Research Guide for Students by I Lee

Autobiography of Carl Kaas

A Member of the Dutch Underground in World War II

Chapter 128: From Country to City

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It was always easier to buy than to sell, but in our case, it went fast.

Joe Paquette (alias Joe Pocket) who used to have a used car lot on the corner of West Main and Crowland Ave. was quite a character. He liked booze very much. All the money he made, if any, got converted into liquid. The car lot did not cover his needs, so he borrowed and borrowed until he came to a desperate end, which was bankruptcy. Dunwoody & Co. in Welland handled the case. WESTSIDE AUTO PARTS, who could handle the elimination of said bankruptcy, put in a bid and was advised to go ahead, pay us your offer, and dispose of the whole works.

Wow, interesting. Here we not only had 10 or 15 cars, mostly wrecks, but also a sales office with contents, a repair garage with a two horse compressor, a whole set of poles with lights, wires and bulbs, and some smaller items. Now what was Joe gonna do? No business, no cars, no house. Go to work? No way! The best horse died of work.

But there was a widow who lost her husband due to sun stroke. She had two boys, but more important to Joe, she had a big house all paid for which was too big for her so she rented part of the upstairs. Joe started to date this lady. How he did it, we didn't know, but he showed up one day with a beautiful brand new convertible. With this automobile, he took her to California. This must have really impressed the widow as they got married soon afterwards. Now the rest of the story.

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