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Table Tennis Ratings, Rankings, Player Profiles

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Ratings and Rankings - General Information
Profiles of Table Tennis Players
Individual Table Tennis Players - A-Z

Note: Information may be overlapped.

Message from CTTA:

For the 2006-07 table tennis season, results from US events will not be recorded in the Table Tennis Canada (TTCAN) ratings. TTCAN will not post any results from US events for the entire 2006-07 season. However, matches against US players attending Canadian tournaments will still count. If you have any questions/comments or desire further clarification, please email

Ratings and Rankings - General Information

Canadian Table Tennis Association (CTTA) Current Ratings. Click on name of player to see List of all events in which player participated, Year of Birth, Event name, Date, Win, Loss, and Points. Approximately 3200 names listed.

European Rankings - Top Players from European Table Tennis Union (UTTU).

IPTTC World Ranking Lists. Current and past world ranking lists posted by International Paralympic Table Tennis Committee (IPTTC).

World Rankings from International Table Tennis Federation. Includes Pro Tour Standings, World Events - World Championships and World Cups, ITTF Global Juniors Calendar of Events, ITTF World Junior Table Tennis Championships.

Ranking Index by Continent

Ranking Index by Country

Win Average Ranking - Men

Win Average Ranking - Women

World Ranking - Men

World Ranking - Women

Canada Ranking - Men

Canada Ranking - Women

USA Ranking - Men

USA Ranking - Women

List of Olympic medalists in table tennis from Wikipedia. See also: Table tennis at the Summer Olympics: Winners - Men's singles, Men's doubles, Women's singles, Women's doubles.

London 2012 Summer Olympics: China sweeps table tennis golds. China bag maximum medal haul - London 2012 - Table Tennis.

Olympic Table Tennis Champions. Gold, Silver and Bronze medal winners from 1988.

Pro Players from STIGA World Ratings. Charts list Top 10 Men and Top 10 Women table tennis players by Rank, Rating, Name of Player, Country, Date Last Played, plus 10 Most Recent Events by Date, Name of Event, and Country. Top 200 Men. Top 200 Women. All Pro Events from 2001.

Ranking Lists from

Ratings from Table Tennis Canada, Canadian Table Tennis Association. Contents include: Current Ratings covering 20 pages of rating stats for about 3200 players, showing Name of Player, Province & Rating. Searchable by Province, Gender, & Category. Select an individual player to view datailed stats. Site includes: Table Tennis Canada (TTC) Rating System - "The 'rating' of a player is a number value. To obtain this number value players compete in competitions from which the results are submitted to the Canadian Ranking System . . . New Players - A player enters the ranking list with her/his first competition and gets a ?T? (temporary) rating." View Current Ratings from Table Tennis Canada.

Ratings Central. The world's most accurate table tennis rating system. What is Ratings Central? How the Rating System Works, Information for Event Directors. See ratings of top professional table tennis players in the world at Pro Players - charts for top 200 men and top 200 women, as well as All Pro Events from 2001 on.

The Ratings Process from USA Table Tennis (USATT). Basics of the Rating System: Players gain points by winning matches, and lose points by losing matches. See USA Table Tennis Rating Chart, and History of Ratings by Last Name of Player, by State, by Tournament, plus Top 20 Lists by Year, Customizable Member Lists, Top 100 US Men, Top 100 US Women.

Table tennis at the 2008 Summer Olympics from Wikipedia,. Videos from Beijing Olympics 2008 - Games of the XXIX Olympiad, Beijing, People?s Republic of China from CastTV. China completes Olympic table tennis sweep. It was the first time one country has won all the medals in the Men's Singles event. Ma Lin (Gold), Wang Hao (Silver), and Wang Liqin (Bronze). Ma Lin Crowned Olympic Champion. China defeats Japan for gold in women's team table tennis by Torrey Hart, Aug 5, 2021.

Table tennis at the Summer Olympics from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Chart lists countries and number of medals won from 1988. "Table tennis competition has been in the Summer Olympic Games since 1988, with singles and doubles events for both men and women. Athletes from China have dominated the sport, winning a total of 33 medals in 20 events." List of Olympic medalists in table tennis.

Table Tennis England - Rankings. Senior Men, Senior Women, Under 21 Men, Under 21 Women, Junior Boys, Junior Girls, Cadet Boys, Cadet Girls, Under 13 Boys, Under 13 Girls, Veteran Men, Veteran Women.

Table Tennis Rankings. World Rankings from From March 2001 to current.

Table Tennis Rankings: Rankings from Around the World from

Team USA Table Tennis Ratings. Top 25 Men (You can download ratings and also Search USATT Player Profiles), Top 25 Women, Tournament Ratings, Individual Ratings, Ratings System Explanation, Ratings Stats by TTSPIN, Download Ratings List. Scroll down to Browse Tournament Ratings or Browse Individuals Ratings.

World Deaf Table Tennis Championships. International Committee of Sports for the Deaf (ICSD) Table Tennis Ranking Points. See also Deaflympics.

World Top 20 Ranking of Table Tennis Players from Butterfly Online. ITTF World Men's Top Twenty and ITTF World Women's Top Twenty. Table Tennis Videos, 2015 Butterfly Senior Canadian Table Tennis Championships Results, News, and more from Butterfly Online.

Profiles of Table Tennis Players

Celebrities Playing Table Tennis by Larry Hodges. Site includes cartoons and photos of famous people playing table tennis, e.g. Fidel Castro, Jean Chr?tien, John Kerry, Henry Kissinger, Prince Charles, and many others:

Elite Player Profiles with Photos & World Ranking from PongWorld.

ITTF Statistics, World Rankings, Team Rankings, Pro Tour Standings, Photo Gallery, News from International Table Tennis Federation. Includes links to World Events - World Championships and World Cups.

Jews in Sports: Table Tennis from Jewish Virtual Library: Angelica Adelstein-Rozeanu, Marina Kravchenko, and David Zalcberg.

List of World Table Tennis Champions from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Olympic Games - Summer Olympics - Sports - Table Tennis. "Table tennis started as a genteel, after-dinner game, but is now a fast, high-tech sport. It also has the most participants of any sport in the world ... The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) was founded in 1926. Table tennis made its Olympic debut at the 1988 Seoul Games." See also:
Quick Guide to Olympic Table Tennis. YouTube video, 2:22 min. Published on Jul 14, 2016 by Olympic.

Links to each of the following categories of Olympic Table Tennis include: Top Medalists - Gallery - Rio 2016 - London 2012 - Beijing 2008 - Athens 2004 - Sydney 2000 - Atlanta 1996 - Barcelona 1992 - Seoul 1988.
Singles Men
Team Men
Singles Women
Team Women

Olympic table tennis players of the Netherlands.

Ping Pong / Table Tennis: Famous Players from ThinkQuest.
1. Jean-Philippe Gatien (France)
2. Jean-Michel Saive (Belgium)
3. Zoran Primorac (Croatia)
4. Jan-Ove Waldner (Sweden)
5. Chiang Peng-lung (Chinese Taipei)
6. Johnny Huang (Canada)
7. Wang Tao (China)
8. Kong Linghui (China)
9. Andrzej Grubba (Poland)
10. Jorg Rosskopf (Germany)
11. Peter Karlsson (Sweden)
12. Cheng Yinghua (USA)
13. Ashraf Helmy (Egypt)
14. Hugo Hoyama (Brazil)
15. Paul Langley (Australia)
16. Wu Wen-Chia (Chinese Taipei).

Table Tennis Champions Page from USATT. Includes: Olympic Champions, USA Olympians, Pan Am Champions, World Champions, World Cup Champions, ITTF Pro Tour Champions, U.S. Open Champions, U.S. National Champions, North American and U.S. Open Team Champions, Paralympic Champions, Hardbat Champions, USATT Players and Coaches of the Year, and Other International and Continental Champions.

Table tennis classroom: Best techniques in 10 years from People's Daily Online.

Table Tennis Players from

U.S. Table Tennis, List of U.S. National Table Tennis champions from Wikipedia.

World Championships - in PDF from ITTF Museum. Men and Women Table Tennis Champions from 1926 London to 2005 Shanghai with portrait, name and country of origin for each champion. [Site no longer accessible, 14 Jun 2023.] See also WTT Events.

Individual Table Tennis Players, A-Z by Last Name or Surname


Viktor Gyozo Barna (Braun) (Hungary).

Richard Bergmann (England).


Chiang Peng-lung (Chinese Taipei).

Patrick Chila (France) from Wikipedia (translated from French version).

Glenn Cowan (1952-2004) (United States).

Junior of the Month: Nathaniel "Ming" Curran (United States). Age 13, from Minneapolis, MN, Highest Rating: 1923. From USATT Magazine, 2003.


Deng Yaping -- the smallest giant who won 4 gold medals at the Olympics. Deng Yaping Became Chinese Athlete of the Century from Beijing 2008 Olympics, video 2:00 min. International Olympic Committee - Athletes - Profiles: Deng Yaping. Deng Yaping from Wikipedia. Olympic medal record - Women's table tennis: Gold 1992 Barcelona Singles, Gold 1992 Barcelona Doubles, Gold 1996 Atlanta Singles, Gold 1996 Atlanta Doubles.


Ai Fukuhara (Japan) from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ai Fukuhara, the darling of Japanese table tennis - Table Tennis: Japan's darling "Ai-chan" leaves sport in good handsfrom Kyodo News, Oct 26, 2018, Ping-Pong star Ai Fukuhara debuts in Beijing, Ai Fukuhara of Japan stops in World Cup quarter-final.


Gao Jun (China - United States) from Wikipedia. Gao Jun (born Jan 25, 1969 in Baoding, Hebei province of China) is a Chinese American table tennis player.

Jean-Philippe Gatien (France) from Wikipedia. Jean-Philippe Gatien (born 16 Oct 1968 in Alès, France) is a retired French table tennis player.

Andrzej Grubba (Poland).


William Henzell (Australia).

Judy Bochenski Hoarfrost (United States) - USATT Hall of Fame Inductee (1997) A 15-year-old American girl and Ping Pong Diplomacy. Judy Hoarfrost was only 15 when she visited China in 1971. The team visited China again after 35 years. Table Tennis Plays a Role Once Again: 30th Anniversary of US-China Diplomatic Relations by Judy Hoarfrost, Ping Pong Diplomat and Paddle Palace owner. Includes photos.

Hugo Hoyama (Brazil).


Peter Karlsson (Sweden).

Kim Kyung Ah (Korea). Kim Kyung-Ah from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Earlier defeats avenged, Kim Kyungmook, Korean hero, 15 Sep 2016.

Kong Linghui (China) - Linghui KONG, People's Republic of China Team. Biography. Kong Linghui from People's Daily Online. Kong Linghui from Wikipedia, the free encylopedia.


Michael Landers: The Ping-Pong Prodigy by Ben Shpigel, New York Times.

Paul Langley (Australia).

About Greg Letts.

Li Ju (China). Chinese Olympic Star from People's Daily Online.

Guoliang Liu (China): The student becomes master, from International Olympic Committee Athletes Profiles. Guoliang Liu from Beijing 2008 Olympics.


Ma Lin from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ma Lin - Outstanding Table Tennis Champion from Ma Lin is the only male player in history who has won the Olympic Gold Medal in singles, doubles and team. WTTC: Ma Lin-Joo Se Hyuk . YouTube video, 8:46 min.


J?rgen Persson (Sweden).

Zoran Primorac (Croatia).


Qiao Hong (China) from Wikipedia. Olympic medal record - Women's table tennis: Silver 1992 Barcelona Singles, Gold 1992 Barcelona Doubles, Bronze 1996 Atlanta Singles, Gold 1996 Atlanta Doubles.


Jorg Rosskopf (Germany).

Angelica Rozeanu (Romania).

Ryu Seung-Min (Korea) from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ryu Seung Min Current Rating. Ryu Seung Min Wins Gold for S. Korea from Table Tennis Dayton. Ryu Seung Min wins Gold for Korea - First non-Chinese player to win Men's Singles Gold since 1992, from Megaspin.


Jean-Michel Saive (Belgium).

Werner Schlager (Austria).

Coach of the Year: Dan Seemiller. Includes photo. 1999 World?s Team Coach, 2000 U.S. Olympic Men?s Team Coach. Dan Seemiller Resigns as Men?s National Team Coach.


Jan-Ove Waldner (Sweden) from Wikipedia. Swedish table tennis player, born October 3, 1965, known as the Mozart of table tennis, a legend in both his native Sweden as well as in China.

Wang Hao (China) from Wikipedia. ITTF World ranking record for Wang Hao. Wang Hao vs. Ma Long (Final - 2009 Chinese National Games) - YouTube video, 8:29 min.

Wang Liqin (China) from Wikipedia. Wang Liqin from People's Daily Online.

Wang Nan (China) from Wikipedia. In 1994, the left-handed Wang Nan won the women's singles titles at the Sweden Open.

Wang Tao (China), Tao Wang. Table Tennis Team, People's Republic of China.

Wu Wen-Chia (Chinese Taipei) 1984.


Zhang Yining (China).

Zhuang Zedong (China).

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