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Table Tennis General Information
and History of Table Tennis

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All About Table The History of Table Tennis. Site has no author stated and no contact information.

All You Need to Know About Table Tennis from Introduction to Table Tennis, Terms A-Z, Equipment, Strokes, Facts, Tips and Tricks, Where to play, Rules, Events, Multimedia (Games and Video Clips), Links, Rankings, Articles, Forum.

Asian artists in ascendancy. "Table tennis originated in England at the end of the 19th Century as an upper class pastime before slowly spreading around the globe to become the world's largest participation sport."

Australian Table Tennis in the 1980's and beyond from PongWorld.

BBC documentary to uncover Table Tennis History. News from ITTF.

BBC Sport - Olympics 2004 -Table Tennis - History. DID YOU KNOW? China won all four gold medals in Sydney, as well as three silvers and one bronze.

Beginner's Guide to Table Tennis - Introduction by Greg Letts,
What is the Objective of the Game of Table Tennis/ Ping-Pong?
A Brief History of Table Tennis/Ping-Pong.

Benefits / Table Tennis: Anybody, Anytime, Anywhere by Alan Williams, from Spin Info, Killerspin Table Tennis. "As a non-contact sport, using a ball that weighs only a few grams, table tennis is practically a risk-free sport ... Table tennis, when played competitively, has an impressive list of physical benefits, the most obvious of which is eye-hand coordination ... Improved reflexes result because of the fast-paced nature of the sport over very short distances. Both gross and fine muscle movements are improved ... Table tennis is accurately described as 'high-speed chess'. The mental alertness encouraged by the sport's tactical challenges is particularly good for seniors . . . Table tennis is available year-round as a social outlet. It is one of the few sports in which size, age, and sex are irrelevant competitive factors. This aspect has led to its adoption as the world's most popular life sport ..."

Ping Pong Health Benefits from Killerspin. April 4, 2017. Playing Ping Pong Creates a Sharper Mind. A Better Body - Yes Really. Ping Pong Can Create Closer Bonds.

Top 9 benefits of playing table tennis by Emma White, the Pong Boss, 4 June 2017. Each benefit is explained:
● 1. Hand-Eye Coordination
● 2. Cat Like Reflexes
● 3. A Fun Way to Lose Weight
● 4. Boost Your Brain
● 5. Keeps Children Focused
● 6. Couples Therapy
● 7. A Great Way to Make Friends
● 8. It Helps You Calm Down
● 9. It Teaches You How to Win and Lose

The Best 9 Ping Pong Paddles in 2017 by Emma White, the Pong Boss. "These are the best 9 ping pong paddles that you can purchase today. Some will be best for beginners while others will be better for intermediate or advanced players. There are expensive, high-performance rackets and there are affordable ones that offer tremendous levels of speed and spin. No matter what you are looking for, there is a paddle that is right for you on this list."

Canadian Table Tennis Association (CTTA) Current Ratings. Click on name of player to see List of all events in which player participated, Year of Birth, Event name, Date, Win, Loss, and Points. Approximately 1800 names listed.

A Comprehensive History of Table Tennis presented by the ITTF Museum.

Equipment from Blade and Rubber comparisons and characteristics, ITTF Authorized Rubber List, 40 mm Balls, Tables, Floor Coverings, Nets, and Glues.

Equipment Needed to Play Table Tennis/ Ping-Pong from Greg Letts of
Other helpful advice from Greg Letts include:
Choosing Your Table Tennis Blade
Top Ten Table Tennis Beginner Blades
How to Seal Your Table Tennis Blade with a step-by-step Video Guide
How to Choose Your First Table Tennis/ Ping-Pong Paddle
Table Tennis Rackets - Choosing Between Pre-Made and Custom Setups: Off the Shelf vs Custom Built
Protecting Your Ping-Pong Paddle - Looking After Your Table Tennis Racket
How to Clean Your Table Tennis Racket
Table Tennis/ Ping-Pong Ball Recommendations and Rants
Picking a Ping-Pong Table / Choosing a Table Tennis Table.

Government of Canada Announces Funding for Table Tennis Schools Program. News Release from Canadian Heritage, August 12, 2009. Table Tennis Canada / Tennis de table: $540,900.00.

The History of Ping Pong: The Origins of the Great Game of Table Tennis by Mike Lancaster, "The name 'Ping-Pong' was invented by the English firm J. Jaques and Son at the end of the 1800's, and later trademarked in the United States by Parker Brothers the board game company."

The History of Table Tennis from So Who Invented Table Tennis? Let the Battle Commence ... "two rival organisations were set up in England with the 'Table Tennis Association' and the 'Ping Pong Association' formed within days of each other in 1901." The Birth of the ITTF. The Rise of the East. Major Changes in the History of Table Tennis.

The History of Table Tennis by Andrew Jagger with color illustrations.

History of Table Tennis from Burlington Table Tennis Club. "The sport of table tennis has its origins in the 1880's where an adaptation of lawn tennis to the dining table was improvised. It is thought that upper-class Victorians in England invented table tennis in the 1880s as a genteel, after-dinner alternative to lawn tennis."

History of Table Tennis from ITTF Archives.

History of Table Tennis from LifeTips - Table Tennis Tips. "Table Tennis or Ping Pong likely began as a social hobby in England toward the end of the 1800´s. Dining-room tables and balls of cork made up some of the early equipment that was used."

History of Table Tennis from "The earliest known form of the sport, called indoor tennis, was played in the early 1880s by British army officers in India and South Africa, using lids from cigar boxes as paddles and rounded corks from wine bottles as balls, . . . "

History of Table Tennis from PongWorld.

History of Table Tennis from "The game started in the late 1800s. This was a time when the players of lawn tennis had to learn to play indoors during the winter period.
Ping-Pong as a name was regarded as the trademark name for table tennis. The English firm J. Jaques and son invented the name "Ping-Pong" towards the end of the 1800s. This later became trademarked in the United States by a board game company, the Parker brothers."

The History of Table Tennis from Robbins Table Tennis Specialties.

History of Table Tennis and Table Tennis Terminology from San Diego Table Tennis Assocation.

History of Table Tennis in Sweden from PongWorld.

Introduction: Table Tennis or Ping Pong? by USATT Historian Tim Boggan.

Olympic Games: Table Tennis - Olympic Sport since 1988. History of Table Tennis at the Olympics. Table Tennis Equipment. Includes Profile of Yaping Deng - The smallest giant, Photo Gallery, Glossary, Animated Demonstration.

Ping Pong Anyone? Table Tennis History by Mariam Baksh, a University of Florida Interactive Media Lab Student Project, Fall 2004.

Ping Pong By The Numbers: 41 FASCINATING Facts from Best Pingpong Tables Reviews.

Ping-Pong or Table Tennis? Which is Correct? by Greg Letts. Read about Ping-Pong vs Table Tennis - the History.

Ping Pong Primer. Article on table tennis by Jim Langley, includes a Table Tennis Rules Quiz, and this interesting picture on Ping Pong Diplomacy.

Ping Pong Diplomacy

Ping Pong vs. Table Tennis. "... the term table tennis had to be used by these associations because ping pong had already been registered as a trademark by the sports company John Jaques & Son in England ..." So Why Is the Term Ping Pong Still Used?

Ping That Pong: Your Daily Guide to Ping Pong Mastery. Detailed analysis and useful tips on becoming a better player by Roland Campbell, an IT expert, a lover of table tennis and a student from University of Cambridge.
This site covers a lot of different topics. Under Table Tennis: Best Ping Pong Table Reviews. Under Paddles: 9 Best Ping Pong Paddles for that Perfect Spin. Under Accessories: Best Table Tennis Conversion Top - Reviews & Buyer's Guide. Most of the site's contents are found under Blog, which currently consists of 11 sections complete with articles and videos ranging in topics from best table tennis players in the world to detailed guides on how to play table tennis. Examples of Blogs:
● Getting Started with Table Tennis (A Beginner's Guide)
● A Comprehensive List of Table Tennis Rules You Should Know
● Top 8 Greatest Table Tennis Players of All Time. (Roland lists players in reverse order from #8 to #1). Blog includes photos, videos and descriptions of his choice of the 8 greatest table tennis players: 1. Ma Long, 2. Wang Liqin, 3. Xu Xin, 4. Guo Yue, 5. Qiao Hong, 6. Deng Yaping, 7. Liu Guoliang, and 8. Jan Ove Waldner, the "King of Service", nicknamed "Evergreen Tree" by the Chinese.
● Are You a Frequent Ping Pong Player? Here Are 5 Injuries to Avoid
● My Top 10 Table Tennis Tips for Every Player, and more

Reasons to Play Table Tennis from "Health / fitness and brain workout. A competitive sport for life. Everyone can play. Play year round. No need to spend a fortune. Improve hand & eye coordination."

a href="">A Spectator's Guide to the Olympic Sport of Table Tennis from FAQ page by Donald Winze, USATT State Coach & Umpire. Rules of the game, Equipment, Three ways to win a point: speed, spin, and placement, Mental intensity, depth of concentration, required of table tennis athletes. (Author of article unidentified).

Sports active: NO TURNING BACK - The sponge table-tennis bat from Oct. 3, 2004 issue of The Independent (London), by George Chesterton. "1901, James Gibb introduced a lightweight celluloid ball from America. Two years later, E C Goode was the first to cover his bat with rubber, making it possible to generate spin. However, the rubber was hard, and the game still produced the loud 'ping-pong' sound which gave the sport its alternate name. ... In 1952 an outsider from Japan (Hiroji Satoh, a watchmaker by profession, a late substitute and the lowest-ranked of the Japanese squad) brought his homemade bat to the table tennis world championships in Mumbai, India, and shocked everyone by winning ... Satoh won the world title, and returned to Japan a hero ... His new bat, or paddle, and the new style of play it facilitated, changed table tennis forever and helped bring about the participation of an entire continent."

Table Tennis from Canadian Encyclopedia. Description and history of table tennis in Canada.

Table Tennis from "Balls for international play must be from a list of approved manufacturers and models maintained by the ITTF ... Color: white or orange, with a matte finish. ... Bounce: when dropped from a height of 305 mm onto a steel block, must bounce at least 230 mm but not more than 250 mm. ... Seam: only one is allowed, and that as inconspicuous as possible. Packaging: must include a date or datecode. ... Racket: It may be any size, shape, or weight. Of the total thickness, 85% must be natural wood. In international play, one side must be black and the other bright red. ..."

Table Tennis from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Includes: History of Table Tennis, Equipment and gameplay, Competition, Notes, External links, and color photos.

The Table Tennis Collector. Journal of the Table Tennis Collectors’ Society, Summer 2008.

Table Tennis Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Which Table Tennis rubber is right for my style of play? What is table tennis speed glue or re-gluing? What weight of table tennis rackets is good for me? How to read ping pong spin. How to prepare for a table tennis tournament. How to find out your opponent's weakness. Are there table tennis tips for short and tall people? How to keep score in a table tennis game. What is the two color table tennis rubber rule? and many more.

Table Tennis GLOSSARY from USATT. Table tennis terms from A-V. See also

Glossary of Table Tennis Terms from Table Tennis/Ping Pong.

Table Tennis Terms A-Z from Megaspin.

Table Tennis Terminology from

A Table Tennis Glossary. A short list from

Table Tennis in the Olympic Games from ITTF Museum. In 1937, "It was decided to instruct the Advisory Committee to get in touch with the Preparatory Commission for the forthcoming Olympiad at Tokio with a view to the inclusion of Table Tennis in that Olympiad. All countries in favor except England who were against." The 84th session of the IOC was held in Baden, 1981, and Table Tennis was admitted to the summer Olympics program, beginning with the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul, South Korea.

Table Tennis Museum from International Table Tennis Federation. Antique collection in 41 sections. Embark on a fascinating time capsule tour of the history and evolution of Table Tennis.

Table Tennis News. Scottish Table Tennis News and Articles, from In the Winning Zone.

Top 10 Reasons to Play Table Tennis by Greg Letts, a world ranked table tennis player, an Australian Level 1 table tennis coach, an internationally qualified umpire, and Web developer, from

Top Ten Things You Love About Table Tennis/ Ping-Pong. Opinions of various table tennis players collected by Greg Letts, Guide. Table tennis is "very democratic. You have players from all nationalities, cultural backgrounds, race, age, economic circumstance, gender, etc. .... very inexpensive ... you can be a great player and enjoy the sport whether you are a 'midget' or a 'giant' ... family sport ... mental/physical challenge."

Top 12 Racket Discoveries from ITTF Museum, a celebration of Table Tennis heritage.

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