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Table Tennis Suppliers and Manufacturers

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Alibaba. Table tennis products for sale to consumers online.
Table Tennis Tables Suppliers
Table Tennis Balls Suppliers
Plastic Table Tennis Balls Suppliers
Table Tennis Raquets/Paddles Suppliers

Alpha Table Tennis. Sells rackets, blades, rubber, balls, shoes, accessories, Instructional DVDs. Online shopping: Accessories, Balls, Blades, Books, Cleaners, Clothing, Glue, Miscellaneous, Nets, Rackets, Robots, Rubber, Shoes, Tables, Videos. U.S. distributor for Donic, Yasaka and Skitt table tennis products. Donic and Skitt are German based companies. Yasaka products are made in Japan and Sweden.

andro. Descriptions of table tennis products: Features, Technology, and Basic information on Rubbers, Blades, Bats, Glue & Cleaners, Apparel, Bags, Tables & Nets, Club Equipment, and Balls. Free newsletter subscription available in German or English. - Table Tennis Tables. Table Tennis Balls. Table Tennis Paddles. This site provides a comparison shopping service with links for research or shopping and allows you to sort by price and narrow your search by different criteria.

Beer Pong Balls from Alibaba. Choice of various colors and logos.

● "Beer pong, also known as Beirut, is a drinking game in which players throw a ping pong ball across a table with the intent of landing the ball in a cup of beer on the other end. The game typically consists of two teams of two players each with 6 or 10 cups set up in a triangle formation on each side. Each team then takes turns attempting to shoot ping pong balls into the opponent's cups. If a ball lands in a cup (known as a 'make'), the contents of that cup are consumed by the other team and the cup is removed from the table. The first team to eliminate all of the opponent's cups is the winner."~ Wikipedia.

The Best Ping Pong Paddle Reviews & Buying Guide: How to Choose a Table Tennis Paddle: A Bief Guide from Gosports Reviews. The reason why it is recommended to analyze every paddle is that if not chosen wisely, it can affect your game. The buying guide covers almost every ping pong paddle of every price range and of different types. Contents include: All we need to know about Ping Pong Paddles. What is the size of a ping pong paddle? The types of blades. Choosing the Rubber which complements your Playing Style, and more.

Best Ping Pong Paddles (Reviews & Buyer's Guide 2019) by Kevin James, 9 Apr 2019. In this comprehensive guide, Kevin will help you choose a ping pong paddle (officially referred to as racket) which accurately matches your skill level and requirements.

Best Ping Pong Tables Reviewed. 25+ Ping Pong Tables Reviewed: Which one is the best one for you? Reviews of the best table tennis game tables by Tom Erickson, Regional Champion, 31 Aug 2018. Online retailer of large selection of table tennis / ping pong products.

Butterfly - Table Tennis and Ping Pong Accessories. Technology, Shakehand Blades, Penhold Blades, Rubber, Pre-Assembled Paddles, Robots, Racket Care, Bags, Books/CD's/DVD's/Videos, Court Products, Bargain Buys, Accessories, Ball Products, Tables, Net Sets, Racket Cases, Shorts & Shirts, Tracksuits & Jackets, and Footwear.

leaf Butterfly Table Tennis Supplies in Toronto and Mississauga Area. Contact: Ken Kerr by phone at 416-621-3183 or FAX 416-621-3183. Location: 4345 Bloor Street West, Suite #58, Etobicoke, ON M9C 2A4, Canada.

Miscellaneous Table Tennis Related Items

California Table Tennis Company. Table tennis products in the United States.

Celtic Table Tennis. Suppliers of Table Tennis Equipment, Clothing, Accessories.

Dandoy Sports Table Tennis Supplies. Based in Europe. Official distributor of STIGA equipment in Benelux (Belgium, Luxembourg and The Netherlands) and France. Runs 8 table tennis shops in major cities in Belgium, and with other partners across Europe, Dandoy Sports is able to deliver quality table tennis products for low prices. Products include: Table Tennis Rubbers, Blades, Rackets, Balls, Cleaners & Glue, Accessories, Clothing, Shoes, Luggages, and Gift cards (in Euro €).

DealTime. Search by Price Range: Search by Brand: Stiga, Butterfly, Martin, Kettler, Prince, ... Search by Table Tennis Type: Table Tennis Tables, Table Tennis Paddles, Table Tennis Balls, Other Table Tennis Products, Table Tennis Nets.

Dick's Sporting Goods - Table Tennis.
Paddles - You can filter by Brands: Butterfly, Franklin, JOOLA, Prince, Sport Squad, Stiga Table Tennis Paddles as available.

Double Fish Table Tennis Balls from Double Fish, U.S. - Lily Yip Sports Inc., Warren, NJ.

Double Happiness Sports - DHS America Sport. Quality table tennis tables, balls, blades, rackets, apparel and other table tennis accessories. Official supplier of 2000, 2004, 2008 Olympic Games. Official supplier of 2003, 2004, 2005 World Table Tennis Championships.

Dr Neubauer Table Tennis - The Specialist for pimples! Products: Rubbers, Blades, Videos, Edge Tapes and Special Offers.

Escalade Sports: Stiga - Table Tennis Tables and Equipment.

leaf F.G. Bradley's Table Games. Shop online for Table Tennis Tables, Table Tennis Balls, Table Tennis Bat Care, Table Tennis Bats, Table Tennis Nets/Posts/Playpacks. Store locations in Toronto area: Pickering Town Centre, Fairview Mall, Sherway Gardens.

Global Sources. Table Tennis Tables from Table Tennis Equipment Manufacturers and Supplies.
Pre-assembled table tennis rackets
Table Tennis Balls
Table Tennis Sets and Accessories
Table Tennis Cases and Bags.

Guide Picks - 8 Largest Table Tennis Suppliers.

Iruiru Table Tennis Online Store. Located in Japan, near Tokyo. Sells table tennis rackets and rubbers online. Claims to sell "much more blades and rubbers than they are sold in the USA and they are all sold a lot cheaper." Shipping charge table shows all amounts calculated in Japanese Yen. A shipping and service charge will be added to the product total and will vary according to the country shipped to, and the weight of the shipment. Shipping Zone 2A includes U.S. and Canada. No returns: "Returns will not be authorized."

JOOLA Table Tennis. Select United States (North America). Shop for Table Tennis Tables, Rackets, Apparel, Accessories, iPong, in USA and Canada.
Fun Games.
Other Languages. Available in Chinese (choose China for Simplified Chinese or Taiwan for Traditional Chinese), Italian, Japanese, French, German, Hungarian, and more. Or choose your country from map or list.

JUIC located in Japan. English version of site available. Table tennis products for online shopping: Racket, Wear, Ball, Maintenance (JUIC aqua cleaner, rubber cleaner, fiber sponge, etc.), Rubber, Accessories. Prices in Yen.

Kettler - Table Tennis Products & Kettler - Factory Direct Source.

Killerspin Equipment and Accessories. Killerspin Table Tennis Tables, Paddles, Balls, Accessories, Gifts, and Killerspin Blog. Killerspin: UnPlugNPlay. Contents include:
It's OK to Play (at home)
Ping Pong: The Easy Workplace Culture Energizer
How Table Tennis Can Help Bring Families Together
Ping Pong Goes Beyond Being a Fun Perk, it Creates Company Culture
5 Celebrities that Love Ping Pong!
Experience the games in your backyard!

Killerspin: News. Contents include:
What's the difference between Table Tennis and Ping Pong?

Killerspin: Tips. Contents include:
Preparation Exercises
The 1-2-3-2-1 Drill
Chinese Penhold Style
How to Backhand Block in Table Tennis
and many more.

Bill Gates, Ariel Hsing, Warren Buffett, 5 May 2013 Photo credits: Killerspin
Bill Gates and Warren Buffett
help Ariel Hsing prepare for Tournament, 5 May 2013.
Photo credits: Killerspin Admin.

Liberty Games - Table Tennis. Liberty Games is the largest amusement supplier to the home market in the UK and also ships worldwide. Sells Indoor and Outdoor Table Tennis Tables, Table Tennis Accessories: Table Tennis Balls, Table Tennis Bats, Net and Post Sets, Covers and Bags, Table Tennis Robots, Scorers, Towel Holders, Umpire Tables, Surrounds and many more table tennis match and competition accessories. Any questions call 0800 612 8180, or see contact page. Includes FAQs: Table Tennis. - Company List. China - Table Tennis Suppliers. Total 34 Companies in category of Table Tennis. Product Catalog. China - Table Tennis Manufacturers - Total 59 products in category of Table Tennis.

Newgy. Table Tennis (Ping Pong) Robots & Equipment. See also Robo Pong.

Official Message to Table Tennis Manufacturers and National Associations (to distribute to players) from Adham Sharara, ITTF President, on behalf of the ITTF Executive Committee & the Equipment Committee in the implementation of International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) Rules, 24 November 2008. This PDF defines the new rules (including ITTF’s Firm Position as of 1 January 2009) regarding VOC-free glue, the illegality of any types of additives such as Boosters, Tuners and the like, the minimum friction level for long-pimples rubbers, and the 4mm thickness for rubbers.
Official Message to Table Tennis Manufacturers and National Associations: Message to Manufacturers of ITTF Approved Equipment frm ITTF. On Friday, June 28, 2013, Equipment ITTF wrote: Message from the ITTF President to Manufacturers of ITTF Approved Equipment: "This official message is to update you with regard to the plastic balls to eventually replace the celluloid balls."

One of a Kind Trading. Australian Suppliers of Ping Pong Rubbers, Blades, Premade Bats & Table Tennis Accessories. Authorised dealer of Friendship 729, Double Happiness (DHS), Globe, Dawei, Galaxy Yin-He and Giant Dragon. This informative site includes Reviews of Chinese table tennis blades, rubbers and accessories, brief descriptions of major Chinese table tennis Manufacturers, as well as an excellent Rubber & Blade Guide to help you choose the right equipment - complete with detailed descriptions of Blade Types, Blade Ratings, Rubber Types, Rubber Ratings, Long Pimples, and Speed Glue.

Outdoor Ping Pong Tables. Site is dedicated to outdoor ping pong tables and offers information and reviews on the best outdoor ping pong tables by top manufacturers. Reviews are unique with photos, videos and complete breakdown of each table listed. Get feedback and expert buying guides on table tennis tables, racquets, balls, training machines, and much more.

Paddle Palace Table Tennis / Ping Pong Equipment & Supplies. Free subscription to Paddle Palace catalog published six times a year, with information about table tennis equipment, and articles about table tennis.

Ping Pong Depot based in Canada, ships worldwide with Best Price Guarantee. Has everything you need to start playing table tennis. Door Buster, All Doorbuster, Daily Special, Weekly Special, Combos, Pickleball, Games (Indoor and Outdoor), New Products, Ping Pong or Table Tennis Tables, Robots, Blades, Rubber, Rackets, Racket Sets, Balls, Accessories, Clothing, Shoes, Best Seller, Special Certificates, Shop By Brands, PPD Rewards Club.

Ping Pong Guide. Product reviews and buying guide plus tips and usage guide: Ping Pong Table, Ping Pong Robot, Ping Pong Paddle, and Ping Pong Balls. Articles include: What are the Ping Pong Table Rules? What is the correct way of holding a Ping Pong Paddle? Are burning Ping Pong Balls toxic?

Ping Pong Paddle Review. Best Paddles. Best Tables. Product Reviews: Top 10 Best Ping Pong Paddle 2021 Certified Paddles ITTF Approved. Blog: Common Ping Pong Injuries and How to Avoid Them, How to Fix a Dented Ping Pong Ball - Guide with Pictures, 15 Table Tennis Skills and Tips to Sky Rocket Your Game, How to Replace Table Tennis Rubber - Beginners Guide, How to Clean a Ping Pong Paddle, and more. Table Tennis Equipment Review Site.

PingPongTable. Ping Pong Tables Reviews, Guides and Tips. Best Ping Pong Table. Outdoor Ping Pong Table. Indoor Ping Pong Table. Table Brands: JOOLA Ping Pong Table. Blog: How to Keep Your Ping Pong Table Clean.

PongHero is a site dedicated to providing reviews and information about table tennis equipment. PongHero's goal is to provide unbiased reviews and information to help readers make informed decisions when making a purchase.

PowerPong - Australia, PowerPong - UK. "Power Pong is the brainchild of USATT Hall of Famer and former National Champion Attila Malek - a former professional table tennis player in Hungary who moved to the US in 1978. He was part of the US National Team during the 70s and 80s and now works as a professional table tennis coach based in Costa Mesa, California."

Power Pong Table Tennis | Where Players Become Champions. Shop for table tennis equipment: Robots, Tables, Paddles, Blades, Rubbers, Accessories, Bundle. Site includes: Coaching (Learn professional techniques from coach Attila and table tennis star Amanda Malek), Videos (some of the favorite videos of Power Pong robots in action), Tournaments (dates and times of upcoming tournaments Omnipong), Regions for Power Pong 5000 table tennis robot: USA and Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand.

Printing on Ping Pong Balls. Printing on Table Tennis Balls, Beer Pong, from Able Print.

Robbins Table Tennis Specialties for ping pong tables, Stiga, Butterfly, Prince, Joola, Kettler Table Tennis Tables, Table Tennis-Ping Pong Balls, Net and Posts, Table Tennis- Robots, Table Tennis Paddle Cases, Cleaner, etc., Table Tennis DVDs & Videos, Table Tennis Literature, Table Tennis-Clothing, Table Tennis Accessories.

Sears. Table tennis tables/ping pong tables, Ping-Pong Brand Table Tennis Cover, Table Tennis Balls, Table Tennis Sets. Table tennis equipment prices, reviews and store ratings. Compare and buy table tennis supplies and equipment from the best stores. Include Table Tennis Tables, Rackets, Balls.

Sports Authority - Table Tennis. Accessories, Balls, Rackets, Tables, Outdoor Tables, Shop by Brand.

STIGA Online. North America's Official Website for STIGA Products.

Sweden Table Tennis AB - STIGA. Blades/Bats, Rubbers/Balls, Tables/Nets, Accessories/Textiles, Specials (include Stiga Sponsored Players Around the World, Training Tips, Stiga e-NEWS), Distributors, STIGA News (Worldwide, China, North America), and Links.

Table Tennis Daily. Equipment Review Centre. Rubbers, Balls, Blades, Tables, Robots, Shoes, Glues, Nets, Clothing, Training DVDs. Search Brands: Andro, Butterfly, DHS, Donic, JOOLA, Stiga, Tibhar, Victas, Xiom, Yasaka.

Table Tennis Direct Shop. Offers a comprehensive range of equipment from leading brands. Includes Technical Info and Product Guide with Blade Information, Rubber Information, Bat Advice (Table Tennis Racquet Advice) for Beginners, Custom-Made, Competitive Playaers, Veteran Players, Disabled Players, Blade and Rubbers Choice.

Table Tennis Equipment from

Table Tennis Express. "Direct from our warehouse to your door. Table Tennis Express offers customers a fast and convenient one-stop web site to buy the latest Table Tennis equipment, backed by world-class customer service, unbeatable prices, and fast shipping options. Our goal of 'complete customer satisfaction' insures that customers have a worry-free online shopping experience ... We manage one of the largest selections of Table Tennis blades, rubbers, and accessories in Canada. Our convenient website offers customers a quick and convenient catalogue of thousands of products."

Table Tennis Manufacturing Companies from

Table Tennis Pioneers @ Offer a large variety of table tennis products and other sports and leisure equipment.

Table Tennis Site provides reviews and ratings of table tennis equipment. Relies on contributions by the community rather than table tennis manufacturing companies, for unbiased information. Site is available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Portuguese. Each month, anyone who contributes an original review will get points which will be converted to cash at the end of each month (total monthly cash giveaway: $125).

leaf Table Tennis Toronto - Toronto Area Equipment Dealers/Retailers. Places in Toronto to buy ping pong equipment. Contacts include: Ken Kerr at: in Etobicoke . (416) 621-3183. Ken sells Butterfly products.

Tees Sport. UK's leading suppliers of table tennis tables, nets, posts, bats, balls, blades, rubbers, glues, clothing, footwear, luggage, tournament equipment, books, videos, DVD and more. Wide range of table tennis brands including Adidas, Andro, Butterfly, Chinese Friendship, Donic, Double Happiness, Dr Neubauer, ETTA, Hallmark, ITTF, Joola, Nittaku, Reflex Sports, Schildkröt, Sponeta, Stiga, Tibhar, TSP, TTMatic, Yasaka.

Thorntons Table Tennis from UK. Online Product Sections: Clearance, Blades, Rubbers, Bats, Glues, Racketcare, Balls, Footwear, Textiles, Luggage and Batcovers, Robots, Tables, Clubroom, Accessories, Best Sellers, New Products.

Total Table Largest selection of ping pong and table tennis tables, paddles, and accessories. The secret to their success lies in the fact that they sell only one product, table tennis equipment. Table tennis is their passion and their sole focus. When you purchase from, you are purchasing from table tennis experts!

Total Table Tennis. Robots, ping pong tables, and table tennis accessories. Free shipping with every order.

Trade Key - Your Key to Global Trade. Table tennis exporters, table tennis manufacturers, table tennis products. View Sell Offers (Trade offers from suppliers, manufacturers and exporters), Buy Offers, Products from Wholesale Suppliers, Manufacturers and Factories, Companies (Worldwide directory of suppliers, manufacturers and distributors looking for buyers and importers of their products).

Wally Rebounder Table Tennis Trainer. Master Ping Pong by Yourself. No opponent? No coach? No problem! Products for sale: Table Tennis Return Boards & Add-ons. Wally in Action: Ping Pong Return Board Drills & Tutorials. Videos.

Wal-Mart. Table tennis tables, conversion tops, racquets, table tennis balls. - Table Tennis Tables.
Table Tennis Paddles.

What Are 12 Most Expensive Ping Pong Paddles? Best Ping Pong Paddles by Loria Smith, Site also includes: Best Game Tables, Best Robots, and a Blog.

Wolverine Sports - Table Tennis Equipment.

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