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780-799 Arts & Recreation

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700 Art, Art encyclopedias and dictionaries
707 Art - Study and teaching, (Art - Analysis, interpretation, appreciation), (Art education), (Art schools)
708 Art collections, Art museums, (Art galleries)
709 Art - History, American art, Canadian art
709.02 Renaissance art
709.2 Artists, American artists, Canadian artists
720 Architecture
728.8 Palaces - Great Britain
730.92 Sculptors
736 Origami, (Japanese paper folding)
736.2 Gems, (Gemstones), (Jewels), (Birthstones), (Precious stones), (Jewelry)
737.22 Medals, (Commemorative medals), (Civilian and miliatry medals), (Religious medals)
741.5 Cartoons and caricatures, Comic books, strips, etc., Superhero comic books, strips, etc., (Comic strips), (Funnies), (Humorous pictures), (Comics)
741.6 Clip art, (Clipart), (Cliparts), (Graphics), Illustration of books, (Images), (Pictures), (Photos), (Photographs), Greeting cards, Christmas cards, (Birthday cards), Postcards, (Post cards), Posters, (Movie Posters), Commercial Art, (Advertising art), (Animation), (Banners), (Buttons), (Drawing), (Icons)
745.6 Alphabets, Calligraphy, Initials, Lettering, Monograms, (Ornamental alphabets), (Decorative arts)
746.434 Crocheting
746.46 Quilts - Design, Quilting, (Patchwork quilts), (Quilt designing)
750 Painting, (Oil painting), (Paintings)
751.42 Watercolor painting, (Water colors)
756.4 Mural painting and decoration, Graffiti, Street art
757 Portraits
759 Artists, Painters, Group of Seven (Group of artists)
760 Pictures, Graphic Arts, (Photographs - Databases)
769 Prints, (Japanese prints)
769.56 Stamp collecting, (Philately), (Postage stamps - Collectors and collecting)
770 Photography, Artistic photography
774 Holography, (Laser photography), (Holograms)
778.5 Cinematography, (Digital video), (Video recording)
779 Photojournalism, (Photo journalism), (Journalistic photography), (News photography)
780 Music, (Classical music), Musicians, Composers, (New consonant music), (Postmodern classical music), Grammy Awards
780.9 Music - History and criticism
781.64 Popular music, Ragtime
781.65 Jazz music
782.1 Musicals, (Musical plays), (Musical films)
782.27 Hymns, Hymnals, (Gospel music), (Church music), Spirituals (Songs)
782.42 Songs, (Lyrics), (Karaoke), (Popular songs), Children's songs, Folk songs, (Folksongs), National songs, (National anthems), Lullabies, (Cradle songs), War songs, (Battle songs), (Soldiers' songs)
784.19 Musical instruments
786.7 MIDI, MP3, WAV, Music clips, Sound clips, Computer music, Electronic music
787.1 Violin, (Violin music)
787.87 Guitars, Guitar music
788.5 Flute, (Pan flute)
789.14 Popular music - United States, Country musicians, Musicians, Singers - United States, (Juke box music), (Oldies music)
790 Games, Games - Rules, Recreation, Amusements, (Hobbies), (Collectors and collecting)
791.3 Circuses
791.43 Motion pictures, (Movies), Films, Academy Awards, (Cinema), (Cinemas), (Movie theaters), (Drive-in theaters), (Motion picture actors and actresses)
791.45 Television movies, TV talk shows, (TV movies), (TV shows), Television programs, (TV programs), Interviewing on television, Television serials, Soap operas, Emmy Awards
792 Theater, (Musicals), (Opera), (Operetta)
792.8 Dance, Ballet, Modern dance
793.2 Parties, Children's parties, Showers (Parties), (Bridal showers), (Baby showers), (Invitations)
793.3 Square dancing, Folk dancing, Ballroom dancing, Belly dancing, Break dancing, Tap dancing, (Country western dancing), (Line dancing), (Round dancing)
793.7 Jokes
793.73 Crossword puzzles, Puzzles, (Trivia), Picture puzzles, (Jigsaw puzzles), Mathematical recreations, Questions and answers, Word games
793.8 Riddles, Puzzles, Magic tricks, Ventriloquism
794.1 Chess
794.4 Bowling
796 Sports (Baseball, Basketball, Football, Golf, Hockey, Soccer, Tennis), Sports - Rules, Outdoor recreation
796.2 Roller skating, In-line skating, (Inline skating), (Rollerblading)
796.33 Boxing
796.352 Golf
796.357 Baseball
796.4 Gymnastics, Gymnastics - Training, Artistic gymnastics
796.48 Olympic games, (Olympics)
796.5 Outdoor life, Wilderness survival, (Hiking), (Walking), (Backpacking), (Mountaineering)
796.54 Camping, Camps, Campgrounds, (Camp grounds), (Summer camps), Tents
796.6 Bicycle racing, Bicycle touring, (Biking)
796.7 Automobile racing, (Automobiles - Racing), (Car racing)
796.962 Hockey
797.1 Sailing, Boats and boating, Yachts and yachting, Boat racing
797.2 Swimming, Diving, Marathon swimming, Synchronized swimming
797.56 Skydiving
798.4 Horse racing, (Horseracing), (Thoroughbred), (Horsemanship)
799.1 Fishing


780 Music, (Classical music), Musicians, Composers, (New consonant music), (Postmodern classical music), Grammy Awards

All Music Guide. Comprehensive music database includes: Classical Music.

Amazon.com - Music. Search the World's largest online store. Music (free MP3 downloads) - Soundtracks, Alternative, Blues, Children's Music, Christian and Gospel, Classical Music, Country Music, Dance and DJ, Folk, International, Jazz, Misc., New Age, Opera and Vocal, Pop Music, Rock Music, Rap and Hip-Hop, R&B/Soul, Vocalists and Broadway, Emerging Artists.

ArtsAlive.ca Music. Music Resources cover music recordings, video clips, links, and a music dictionary. Other categories include Instrument Lab, Great Composers, National Arts Centre Orchestra, Activities and Games, and more.

BrainyMusic. Browse thousands of artists, albums and songs. Find related artists, albums and songs by following keywords on each item. Music by Album.

Classical Music Resources. Comprehensive collection of classical music links from Duke University. Composers, Chronologies and Necrologies (birth and death dates of thousands of musicians and composers); National and Regionally Orientated Pages (performers, concerts, broadcasts, competitions, etc. in North America, Europe, Latin America, Oceania, Asia and Middle East).

Classical Online Music Radio. Listen to the world's largest collection of Classical Music radio stations with live streaming music. Site includes: Classical Musical Terms. Composers Biography.

Classics for Kids. Introducing Children to Classical Music, Composers, Hear the Music, Musical Dictionary, and more.

Competitive Foursome (Original title: Salut Salon "Wettstreit zu viert"). YouTube video, 3:24 min. Published on Feb 4, 2014. Antonio Vivaldi's "Sommer" wird zum Schauplatz eines musikalischen Wettkampfs. Salut Salon fechten ihn akrobatisch aus, und mit viel Humor -- ein Klassiker des Hamburger Quartetts. Ein Konzertmitschnitt aus dem Film "Salut Salon. Der Film" von Regisseur Ralf Pleger. (Trans. from German: Antonio Vivaldi's "Summer" is the setting for a musical competition. Salut Salon acrobatic fight him, and with a lot of humor - a classic of the Hamburg quartet. A concert recording from the movie "Salut Salon. The Movie" by director Ralf Pleger). Description from News and Record: "Hamburg-based classical quartet Salut Salon performs its signature comedic 'instrumental acrobatics' in the hilarious and impressive performance 'Wettstreit Zu Viert.'"

Composer Biographies. Biographies of composers from Bach to Weill from Grove Concise Dictionary of Music.

David Beard Music Production creates original music for Film, TV, Corporate Video, Games, Music for Dance School, Theatre Productions and Children's Music. Site includes Music Examples Directory with many free MP3 downloads, plus TV and Film Soundtrack CD Library, Magazines and Publications, and industry links.

Encyclopedia of Music in Canada edited by Helmut Kallman, Gilles Potvin, and Kenneth Winters
Encyclopedia of Music in Canada.
Edited by Helmut Kallman, Gilles Potvin, and Kenneth Winters

Encyclopedia of Music in Canada. All aspects of music in Canada. Provides information on musical instruments, their history in Canada, abbreviations and acronyms, manufacturers of musical instruments in Canada, Canadian musicians' associations, music magazines, and more.

Essentials of Music. Eras, Composers, Glossary.

!Fortissimo! A program for musical development from ThinkQuest. Contents: Music Dictionary, Composer Pictures, Composer Biographies, Instrument Pictures, Instrument Sounds. (Sound may not work).

Free Music Downloads. Free MP3 downloads from FreeMusicToDownload.eu.

Grammy Awards. Winners List, Program Schedules, Artist Profiles, In-Depth Interviews, Past Winner Search, Nominees (complete list in all 100 award categories), Audio and Video Clips, Photo Gallery, Recording Academy, Grammy Magazine, Live, Grammy History and more.

theicebergradio.com. Iceberg Radio broadcasts live music 24/7. Iceberg Radio.com is Canada's online radio portal featuring over 200 channels. Listen to your favorite music or songs. Provides additional information on songs and artists, e.g. biography of Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, etc. from Encyclopedia of Popular Music. View Elvis Presley's Graceland Slideshow. Elvis Presley's Graceland PowerPoint.

Music Abbreviations from Abbreviations.com. See also:
Alphabetical List of American (A) and British (B) Musical Terms.
Virginia Tech Multimedia Music Dictionary.
Classical Musical Terms.
Glossary of musical terminology from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Musical Terminology / Glossary / Definitions - Dictionary of Musical Terms A-Z.
Meaning, Glossary and Acronym of Music Words.

Music Resources for K-8. Numerous links to Music Lesson Plans on the Net, Software Titles to Teach Music, Music Theory, Piano Lessons Online, MIDI Sequencing Lessons, Music Artist Biography Sites, Favorite MIDI Sites, and others.

New Consonant Music. Biographies, photos, and MIDI samples of the main classical postmodern composers.

Old School Talent. Video of Frank Sugar Chile Robinson - The boy on the piano. From "No Leave, No Love" a 1946 American musical film directed by Charles Martin and starring Van Johnson, Keenan Wynn and Patricia Kirkwood.

Science of Music: Exploratorium's Accidental Scientist. Explore the science of music through online exhibits, movies, and questions. You can compose, mix, dance, drum, experiment, and listen.

Som Sabadell flashmob. YouTube video, 5:41 min. "On the 130th anniversary of the founding of Banco Sabadell we wanted to pay homage to our city by means of the campaign 'Som Sabadell' (We are Sabadell). This is the flash mob that we arranged as a final culmination with the participation of 100 people from the Vallès Symphony Orchestra, the Lieder, Amics de l'Òpera and Coral Belles Arts choirs."

Worldwide Internet Music Resources. Musicians, Popular Groups, Ensembles, Sites Related to Performance, Composers and Composition, Genres and Types of Music, Commercial World of Music, Journals and Magazines, Research and Study.

780.9 Music - History and criticism

Historic American Sheet Music from Duke University. Selection of representative pieces for each decade, includes a chronology of major events in politics & government, international affairs, companies, inventions, exploration, humanities, publications, and sports. American Song Lyrics Index. American Song Sheets. Historic American Sheet Music.

Music, Theater and Dance: A Performing Arts Digital Library presented by the Library of Congress. Contents include:
Performing Arts Encyclopedia (Guide to the performing arts collections and exhibitions)
Song of America
Patriotic Melodies (See, hear, and learn about some of the most beloved music of the United States)
Gerry Mulligan Collection (Composer, arranger, performer and band leader on music & history)
Dolly Parton and the Roots of Country Music
Jazz on the Screen: A Jazz and Blues Filmography
Searchable database by David Meeker (1,000 major jazz and blues figures in over 14,000 cinema, television and video productions)
Civil War Sheet Music (Collection of over 2500 titles of music)
Volcano of Delight: Historic Sheet Music, 1800-1922, and more.
See also Lyrical Legacy: 400 Years of American Song and Poetry.

781 Music - Theory

Dolmetsch Online - Music Theory & History Online.

Musictheory.net created by Ricci Adams of Millikin University, Decatur, Illinois. Excellent animated music theory lessons for educational use with flash presentations and sound. A marvelous site with Lessons (Staff, Clefs, Ledger Lines ...), Trainers (Keyboard Trainer, Guitar Trainer, Interval, Scale & Chord Ear Trainers ...), and Utilities (Chord Calculator, Staff Paper Generator, Matrix Generator).

teoria: Music Theory Web. Tutorials to learn different aspects of music theory. Exercises to practice and develop music theory and ear-training skills. Reference: Reading Music, Intervals, Scales, Chords, Articles, Questions, Links. Click to hear sound.

781.64 Popular music, Ragtime

Dismuke's 1920s & 1930s Phonograph Records from Dismuke's Virtual Talking Machine. Site is devoted to vintage music from 1900 - 1939. Also includes Turn of the Century Music - Dismuke's Acoustical Recordings 1900 - 1925 as well as a link to Radio Dismuke, the 24 hour Internet radio station devoted exclusively to vintage pop and jazz from the decade 1925 - 1935.

The Nostalgia Machine Popular Songs of 1960 to 2013.

Ragtime. Library of Congress presents: Music, Theater and Dance. "Ragtime, a uniquely American, syncopated musical phenomenon, has been a strong presence in musical composition, entertainment, and scholarship for over a century." Browse Ragtime by Sheet Music, Audio, Video, or Print. Essays About Ragtime: History of Ragtime, Christensen's Ragtime Review, Artist Biographies, Performing Ragtime, Conversations - Keeping Ragtime Alive, Essay: "Sit Down, Shut Up, and Listen to Ragtime."

781.65 Jazz music

50th Annual Monterey Jazz Festival. 45,000 fans attended the historic event. Hear some of the festival's greatest highlights in an audio montage produced by WBGO.

DownBeat's Jazz 101: A Guide to the Music. Contents include: The Very Beginning, Dixieland and Ragtime, New Orleans, To New York and Chicago, Big Band Swing, Bop Emergence, West Coast Cool, Modal Jazz, Hard Bop, Soul Jazz, Free Jazz, Post Bop, Fusion, Latin Jazz, Young Lions, Modern Sounds, etc.

Jazz History from Timelines of History.

Jazz Improvization. Jazz articles on this site are part of the syllabus for Jazz Improvisation courses at the School of Music, University of Wisconsin Madison taught by Professor Joan Wildman. Listen to class performances. Includes links to Jazz resources.

Jazz Primer for Rock People by Craig Matthews, in Oculus Magazine. Contents: Early Jazz pre 1918, The Influence of Blues, The Dixieland Period circa 1918-28, Swing Era circa 1935-48, (Missing page 6: Bop! circa 1944-1958), Cool School, Free Jazz circa 1956-69, Funk 1956-75, Fusion 1967-75, Twenty Places to Start: Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, ... Recommended Reading.

Jazz Resource Center. Jazz Theory, Jazz Tools, Jazz Masters.

Jazz Roots. Contents: Overview, Early Jazz Musicians, Pictures from the Archives, 1895-1920, Cotton Club, Jazz Books, From the Family, Links, Timeline, Fun Facts. See also Jazz Quizzes and Jazz Trivia.

Jazz Theory & Improvisation. Jazz Tutorials, Jazz Arranging by Pete Thomas, a leading UK music producer, saxophone recording musician and composer of film & television music. His advice: "You should read and understand the lessons, but most importantly play the exercises. Even if you are not a piano player, it is important to be able to play the chords on a keyboard, and transpose them into different keys." These tutorials have been used as part of the Southampton University undergraduate courses at the Music Department.

782.1 Musicals, (Musical plays), (Musical films)

Musicals101.com: The Cyber Encyclopedia of Musical Theatre, TV and Film. Contents: What is a musical? History of Stage Musicals, Musicals, and Musicals on Television, Cabaret, How Musicals Are Made, Who's Who in Musicals, Photo Galleries, Stage Musicals, Stage & Film Chronologies, Links to other musical theatre & film sites, and more.

Find Tickets Fast - Search by location or event. Broadway Show Tickets, Concert Tickets, Comedy Show Tickets, Family Show Tickets for events held across the United States and a few in Canada. All ticket prices in U.S. dollars.

782.27 Hymns, Hymnals, (Gospel music), (Church music), Spirituals (Songs)

The ABCs of Faith MIDI Collection. Includes Elizabeth's Collection of Traditional Hymns with many adapted from the Gregorian Hymnal.

Amazing Grace - Andre Rieu - Bagpipes and Violins. YouTube video, 5:42 min.
Amazing Grace History - "Amazing Grace" By Wintley Phipps. YouTube video, 8:54 min.
Elvis Presley - Amazing Grace with numerous still photos of Elvis Presley only. YouTube video, 3:37 min.
Tom Hamilton plays Amazing Grace on violin on Robbie Burns Day. YouTube video, 1:35 min.
Amazing Grace - Bagpipes. YouTube video, 3:45 min. v=iT88jBAoVIM">Leann Rimes - Amazing Grace. YouTube video, 3:55 min.
Native American - Amazing Grace (in Cherokee) with beautiful North American Indian illustrations. YouTube video, 6:01 min.
Amazing Grace by Zoei Isabelle Toh, around age 2½ or 3. YouTube video, 2:23 min.

The Cyber Hymnal: Dedicated to the Glory of God. A fantastic site with over 4,500 Christian hymns and Gospel songs from many denominations. Includes lyrics, scores, MIDI files, pictures, history and more. Start with Titles.

"How Great Thou Art" as performed by Carrie Underwood & Vince Gill. YouTube video, 5:12 min.

Hymns, Gospel Songs & Spirituals. Bilingual German and English site. Many with lyrics and some with melody (MIDI). Switch to a Melody Title Sort to find hymns with MIDIs alphabetically by title.

Lutheran Hymnals, Christian Hymns, Sheet Music for Churches, Religious MP3's (for sale) & Midi's. Site holds 6 complete Lutheran Hymnals. The Lutheran Hymnal in midi with lyrics, sequenced by Rev. Richard Jordan, is ntended for personal enjoyment (and inspiration) only.

782.42 Songs, (Lyrics), (Karaoke), (Popular songs), Children's songs, Folk songs, (Folksongs), National songs, (National anthems), Lullabies, (Cradle songs), War songs, (Battle songs), (Soldiers' songs)

The 200 Greatest Songs of the 1960s from Pitchfork.

A-Z Lyrics Universe. Over 50,000 lyrics and 1500 artists.

Country Lyrics from SongLyrics.com.

CowboyLyrics.com. Cowboy Lyrics and Tabs A-Z, Browse lyrics and tabs by Artist or Band name. Includes links to other Lyrics sites.

eLyrics.net - Song Lyrics. Free Lyrics Archive.

Folk Music of England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales and America. An excellent and delightful site with Folk and Traditional Music and Popular Songs, complete with Lyrics, Midi, Tune Information and History behind the folksongs and ballads. Covers Irish, British and American Folk Music including Francis J. Child Ballads (Biography, Lyrics, Tunes and Historical Information), as well as Sea Shanties and Songs of the Sea.

Folksongs of the World listed in alphabetical order by song title, articles a, an, and the are not ignored, Pick a Country by Name for lyrics and MIDIs. See also German Folksongs with lyrics and MIDIs (Melody), Stephen C. Foster, 200 International Music Links, Christmas Carols - melody plus lyrics in German, English, and other languages, WWII Songs, and much more. A bilingual German and English site.

Ivy's MIDI Page. Large collection of kids midis and general midi music.

Jack's Midi Music. Alphabetical Page Listings. Site maintained by Jack Snead.

Judy & David's Online Songbook. Find lyrics to children's songs, arranged alphabetically by song titles. Includes a coloring book.

Julia Debowska at around age 15 Google image from http://symphonyonthebay.com/?page_id=2426
Julia Debowska, Soprano

Julia Debowska (15) sings Come Back to Sorrento (Torna a Surriento). YouTube video, 3:30 min. Published on Oct 6, 2014 by sq1oac2. (With apologies from the videographer for the wrong setting on the camera!) But what a lovely voice Julia has! Some have commented that Julia sings like an angel, and indeed, she does. With a well-controlled and stunningly beautiful voice, soprano Julia Debowska, age 15 in 2014, sings "Torna a Surriento" (a Neapolitan song said to have been composed in 1902 by Ernesto De Curtis to words by his brother, Giambattista ~ info from Wikipedia) at John Paul II Polish Cultural Centre, Meet and Greet Event with Antoni Kantor. By the way, the guitarist on this video is Julia's proud father.

Julia Debowska is a recipient of many awards. In June 2014, she won first place and was the Best Performance Award Winner in the American Protege International Vocal Competition. Later this year, in Dec. 2014, she will be singing at Carnegie Hall in New York. Currently, as I write this note in October 2014, Julia is attending Cawthra Secondary School (Drama Program) in Mississauga ON Canada.

Julia Debowska (15) sings Oh Shenandoah at John Paul II Polish Cultural Centre. YouTube video, 1:30 min. Published on Oct 6, 2014 by sq1oac2. Julia Debowska sings Oh Shenandoah (Across the Wide Missouri) at John Paul II Polish Cultural Centre - Mississauga Mosaic Meet and Greet Antoni Kantor Event, October 5, 2014.

In 2014, 15-year-old Julia Dębowska was a soprano voice student in the Phill and Eli Taylor Performance Academy for Young Artists at the Glen Gould Studio. Winning the Anna German Vocal Competition in Toronto, Julia has performed with conductor A. Rozbicki and the Celebrity Symphony Orchestra. In January 2014, she performed the complete work of Mozart's "Regina Coeli KV 108" with conductor M. Jaskiewicz, the Toronto Sinfonietta Orchestra and two choirs. She also took part in the movie "The Shrine", The Cold War Series = CBC, RBC Band and Canadian Nursing Association Commercial.

See Julia Debowska, Soprano from Symphony on the Bay for more information on Julia Debowska.

"In February 2010, at the age of 11, Julia took part in the Young Musicians Gala Concert (Romancing Chopin) with the Toronto Sinfonietta Orchestra and conductor M. Jaskiewicz. In October 2011, she was invited to sing Mozart's 'Alleluia' in Rome, at the concert for the 22nd Anniversary of the John Paul II Foundation.

In November 2011, she was the winner of the Grand Prix of the 22nd International Religious Singing Contest in Mississauga.

In November 2013, winning the Anna German Vocal Competition in Toronto, Julia performed with conductor A. Rozbicki and the Celebrity Symphony Orchestra in February 2014.

In January of 2014, Julia performed the complete work of Mozart's with conductor M. Jaskiewicz, the Toronto Sinfonietta Orchestra and two choirs. In June 2014, she was once again invited to perform the work. Julia won 1st Place in The American Protégé International Vocal Competition in June 2014 and on December 21st, 2014, she sang at the Winner's Recital in Carnegie Hall in New York.

... In her spare time, Julia also enjoys classical ballet and piano playing. She passed the Elementary Level exam with the Society of the Russian Ballet. She sings in English, French, Polish, German, Spanish, Russian and Italian."
See also: Biography of Julia Debowska.

Jumbo Jimbo's Song Lyrics Archive. Lyrics include guitar chords.

Kiddy Karaoke Song Corner for Kids. Sing Along Songs for Kids. Lyrics with midi. Select a song by title from A-Z and just sing along. Includes popular favorites such as: Daisy, Daisy (on a bicycle built for two), Hickory dickory dock, It's a small world, Puff the magic dragon, Three blind mice, You are my sunshine, and many more.

KIDiddles. Children's Songs with free lyrics, midi music and printable song sheets. Over 2000 children's song lyrics searchable in the Alpha Index, Subject Index, or the Song Search Engine.

Lullaby and Goodnight. Brahm's Lullaby, Lyrics from KIDiddles. See also Lyrics from Sing Along Nursery Rhymes: Cradle Song (Brahms Lullaby). Click to hear Nursery Rhymes - Lullaby and Goodnight mp3 in Children's voices.

LyricsDepot.com. Over 60,000 lyrics available for free. Browse lyrics by Artists or by Albums: # - Z.

LyricsHeaven. Current count: 99.125 lyrics from 5.274 artists. Includes lyrics from musicals: Jesus Christ Superstar, Les Miserables, Moulin Rouge, Cats, My Fair Lady, Chicago, Phantom of the Opera, Evita, Grease, Sound of Music ...

Lyrics Planet. Select lyrics by Title: # - Z, or by first name of Artist: # - Z.

Lyricstrax. Free lyrics to thousands of songs. Search: # and A-Z.

Mona Lisa by Nat King Cole. Video from YouTube, 2:01 min.

National Anthems of the World.

NIEHS Kids' Pages: Sing-Along Songs (Midis and Lyrics) from National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS).
Main Index - All Song Titles A-Z. Includes game: Guess This Tune.
Young and Young at Heart Midis with Lyrics.
Patriotic Songs Midis with Lyrics.
Young and Old Favorites Midis with Lyrics.
Movies and Musicals Midis with Lyrics.
Holiday Music and Games.

Oldie Lyrics. Lyrics to old songs from 1960s, 1970s, 1980s ... Browse Lyrics and Albums by the Year of Album Release: 1956... 1960... 1970... 1980... 1990... 2000... 2004... 2005...

PlayBack.fm. Find the #1 Song on the Day You Were Born.

Songfacts. Song Meanings, Lyrics and Trivia. Includes history, background information and other interesting facts about the song where available. You can also add your comments about the song. Search by Song Title, by Artist, or by Year.

Song Lyrics. Browse by artist name: #, A-Z.

Song Lyrics: Libretti. Links to lyrics sites suggested by William and Gayle Cook Music Library, Indiana University.

Songs To Wear Pants To - songstowearpantsto.com site created by Andrew, a Fine Arts & Music Graduate from York University. Andrew makes MP3 music based on your instructions using the computer, guitar & voice. Songs created for you will be emailed to you with unlimited playback rights. You can request a free song, a paid song, or listen to free samples at this site.

SoundTrack Lyrics - STLyrics.com. Song Lyrics for Movies, Cartoons, TV, Musicals.

Taylor's Traditional Tunebook. This fantastic site provides numerous traditional tunes in Midi format, many complete with lyrics. Contents: Scottish, Irish, Welsh, English and American Tunes . Also includes The Great Canadian Tunebook and free Downloadable Menus. Please read copyright notice and FAQ.

Top 99 Songs from 2014, 2013, 2012, ... back to 1900's from PlayBack.fm.

Top 100 Albums of the 1970s from Pitchfork.
See also 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010.

Top Ten Songs of Each Year (1950 - 1969) from Digital Dream Door.

Top 100 Lyrics. Links to song lyrics sites.

784.19 Musical instruments

The Demonstration. Edinburgh University Collection of Historic Musical Instruments. Watch Real Video with sound with further information and pictures. Demonstrations of instruments being played include: Lute, Guitar, Violin, Flute, Serpent, Bugle, Cornopean, and Trumpet.

A Guide to Medieval and Renaissance Instruments. Photos and illustrations, history, description of each musical insturment, some with sound: Bagpipe, Bladder Pipe, Cornamuse, Crumhorn, Dulcian, Dulcimer, Gamba, Gemshorn, Harp, Harpsichord, Hirtenschalmei, Hurdy-Gurdy, Kortholt, Lizard, Lute, Mute Cornett, Organetto, Percussion, Pipe and Tabor, Psaltery, Rackett, Rauschpfeife, Rebec, Recorder, Shofar, Transverse, Flute, Viol, Zink.

Learn about Instruments. Learn about Strings, Woodwinds, Brass, and Percussion. Click on the picture of an instrument to hear how it sounds. Free download of QuickTime.

Sibelius Academy of Music. Long list of musical instruments from Accordion, Bagpipe, Banjo, Bass to Organ, Piano, String Instruments, Synthesizers, Voice, Woodwinds, and a Miscellaneous section which includes links to absolutely hilarious Instrument Jokes, serious Instrumental Music Teachers Resources, and various other interesting Websites.

U.K. Piano History Page: History of the Piano, and History of Beale Piano in Australia.

United Musical Instruments U.S.A. Browse by selecting the instrument type, brand, or category.

Virtual Instrument Museum from World Music Instrument Collection, Music Department of Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT. Search by Instrument Type; Geographic Region: N America, Caribbean, S America, Africa, Europe, W Asia, S Asia, SE Asia, E Asia, C Asia, Oceania; Material: Wood, Gourd, Clay, Stone, Metal, Silk, Skin, Bamboo, Synthetic, Other; or Alphabetical Index: Instruments / Genres / Ensembles. Currently, images, audio, video, and QuickTime Virtual Reality (QTVR) are not available for all instruments.

786.7 MIDI, MP3, WAV, Music clips, Sound clips, Computer music, Electronic music

Allen's Music and MIDI Page. Home of hard to find Ethnic Music. Polkas, Oberks, Waltzs, Jigs, Reels, Hornpipes and more. Scroll down the page to find: MIDI Files, Polkas and Waltzes, Ragtime, Bluegrass, Cajun, Folk, Celtic and Gospel.

Animal Sound Clips from Animal Pictures Archive. Free download of some 286 sound clips.

Bob's MIDI Page. Excellent MIDI Sequences by Bob Sorem include: Christmas MIDI Sequences, Christmas Pipe Organ MIDIs, Hymn-type MIDI Sequences, Old-time MIDIs (polkas, waltzes, and schottisches), plus Miscellaneous MIDI Sequences. Site notice: These songs are for personal enjoyment only and are not for commercial use.

Cool MIDI. Free MIDI downloads.

Country Music Showcase - Country and Western MIDI Music.

Dance to Grandpa Schober's Original MIDI Files. In 2008, the amazing Frank W Schober, a retired machinist from Birmingham, Alabama, is 84 years old. "All MIDI on this site are sequenced by me by ear from MEMORY during my 84 years. I do not read music." Categories: Country, Standards, German, Waltzes, Polka's, Religious. Also includes: Christmas Files.

Disney: Download Movies, Images, and Sounds from Disneyland and Disney World. Download Disney Songs, Disney Read-Alongs, Disney TV and Movies, Images and Sounds, Toy Story Movie Clip, and more. Busy site. Slow loading.

Disney Music Page. Site consists of a collection of MIDI files of Disney music from many of the Disney classics such as Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Fantasia, Hercules, Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Mary Poppins, Mulan, Pinnochio, Pocahontas, Snow White, Toy Story, Tarzan, Winnie the Pooh, plus music from Disney Theme Parks.

Easy Listening with the Duchess - Midi Files with Lyrics. Midi Files without Lyrics.

FindSounds.com. Search the Web for sounds, a search engine for finding sound effects on the Internet.

For Old Time's Sake - Nostalgic MIDI Music.

Free Music. Excellent selection of free songs and music files by Don Edrington: Assorted Popular songs (oldies), Bing Band/Swing Era, Country, Novelty, Disco/Soft Rock, Latin, Patriotic/Marches/Polkas/Waltzes, Ragtime/Old Timey, Christian/Gospel.

Gary's MIDI Paradise. Excellent collection of mostly Rock and Roll Oldies of the 50's, 60's and 70's, plus some Country, Pop, Ragtime, Marches, TV / Movie Themes, and Christmas MIDI files selected by Gary Rogers.

Goodren's Midi Haven - Movie Midi's,
* * * Movie Themes in Midi from Elite.net,
Movie Midi's, Movie & TV Midi Madness.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Theme 1966 from YouTube, 2:55 min. The Good The Bad and The Ugly Theme song. YouTube, 4:05 min. Watch and listen. See how this interesting theme music was produced by a group of seven musicians.

I Hear America Singing - Patriotic Melodies from Library of Congress. Sheet Music, Song Sheets, Sound Recordings (in MP3 or RealPlayer Versions), and other materials if available.

Irish Midi Music.

Jungle Sounds. Hear sounds of toucan, panther, howler monkey, elephant, chimpanzee, macaw, frog, zebra, kookaburra (laughing bird), lion, leopard, hippo, hyena, grizzly bear.

Laura's MIDI Heaven. Our Favorite Midi Sites. Categories of MIDIS: Originals (available for upload), Classical Music, Folk Music, Christmas, Other Holidays, Spiritual, Patriotic / March, Ragtime, College Fight Songs / Lyrics, International Music, and 50 State Songs.

Lee's Midis and Sounds. Soft and mellow sounds, theme songs, romantic music, and more.

Lost in the 50s: Oldies Jukeboxes. Click to play song, for listening only, no downloads.

The MIDI Archive - 20's-50's MIDI Files & Lyrics.

MIDI Collection from Bot Productions. Contents: The Messiah by G.F. Handel, Gloria by A. Vivaldi, Carmina Burana by Carl Orff, and School Selections.

Midi Files from Night Owl. Many oldies and goodies, Bing Band, and Christmas songs.

MIDI Picking by Harry. MIDI Guitar: Music by a Gitpicker Song Sequencer. Alphabetical Listing of All Songs on This Site.

MIDI Sound Freebies. Links to many free MIDI sites.

MIDI-Zone. Free MIDI Zone. Free MIDI files. Search A-Z.

MP3.com. Free download of thousands of songs in MP3 format. Search songs or artists by region or genre.

Mutopia. Consists of free sheet music to download, print, and distribute. Includes music by Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Handel, Mozart, Schubert, and others.

The Nostalgia Machine. Select a year from 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, to 2013. Click on the song title you want to hear the singing and music. One amazing site with lots of your favorite oldies.

Norbert's Linkable Midis 1, 2, & 3. Christmas Midis. Halloween Midis. St Patricks Midis. Cupids Valentine Midis.

North American Bird Sounds. All sound clips are copyrighted to Doug Von Gausig and Naturesongs.com. Non-commercial use is usually granted without charge, but must be in writing from the author. Commercial use is expressly forbidden without prior written consent.

Paul's Video Jukebox. Click a song title from 1940s, 50s, 60s and 70s.

Playa Cofi Jukebox from TropicalGlen.com. Click to listen to your favorite oldies played on a juke box. The top 100 songs from the golden years of popular music - 1950-1989, plus more of our musical heritage. Additional Music Channels include: Blues/R&B, Doo Wop, Instrumentals, Country, Jazz, Classical. Top100 Pop, Rock100, Disco100, Motown100, Reggae100, Caribbean, Beach/Shag, ShowTunes, Dance, Latin, Gospel. Genre, MTV Era, Special Channels, TV Themes, Road Songs. One-Hit Wonders, Pop Gospel, Easy Listen. Swing Era, Movie Themes, Folk Music, Christmas Music, Current Beach Music, Top 20 Pop Videos, Top 20 Latin Videos, Monthly Artist Tributes, Jim Croce, Remembring Patti Page, Janis Joplin, Etta James. Tributes Archive, Living Legends, 50s 60s Groups, 70s 80s Groups, Canadian Artists.

Sound Clips. Categorized - Animals, Birds, Cats.

Taylor's Traditional Tunebook. This fantastic site provides numerous traditional tunes in Midi format created by Barry Taylor of Victoria, B.C., many complete with lyrics. Contents: Scottish, Irish, Welsh, English and American Tunes (with option to download the entire collection of tunes for free). Also includes The Great Canadian Tunebook (with option to auto play non-stop) and free Downloadable Menus. Please read copyright notice and FAQ.

TV and Movie Themes MIDI Files from Notation Software. A list of sites hosting MIDI files for Movie and TV Theme Music, mostly free downloads.

The Virtual Gramophone: Canadian Historical Sound Recordings from National Library of Canada. A multimedia Web site devoted to the first half-century of recorded sound in Canada. When this site is complete, it will provide researchers and enthusiasts with a comprehensive look at the 78-rpm era in Canada.

UltimateMidi.com. Links to MIDI file sites.

Wav Sound Freebies. Links to many free Wav sites.

What is MIDI? Why do I need MIDI? What do I need to play MIDI songs? Learn all about MIDI from MIDI Classics.

787.1 Violin, Violin music

My Way Andre Rieu on his violin in New York. YouTube video, 6:41 min. Uploaded by Arie Bussemaker on Dec 21, 2010. Andre Rieu (Holland) his orchestra choir did a tribute to Frank Sinatra with My Way on his (Stradivarius) violin. Radio City Music Hall New York July 29, 2006. Composer: Jacques Revaux (France). Song lyrics My Way written by Paul Anka (Canada).

787.87 Guitars, Guitar music

Classical Guitar MIDI Archives. Site covers classical guitar songs, in MIDI format, for one and more guitars: actually 1050 MIDI files from 132 composers. New MIDIs are added twice a week. Information on how to create MIDI files and a tutorial on the tablature notation system is presented. Images of ancient guitars also provided.

Electrified, Amplified, and Deified: The Electric Guitar, Its Makers, and Its Players from Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention & Innovation. The Invention of the Electric Guitar. The Guitars - Images and information. How Guitars Work.

Guitar Notes. The largest guitar resource index on the Internet. Serves over 4 million pages of guitar information to over 600,000 visitors from around the world each month. Collection of links and information includes your favorite guitarists, guitar instruction for all levels, guitar chords and tablature, guitar makers, guitar stores, guitar equipment information, and hundreds of other online guitar resources.

John Denver, Remembered Fondly Today. With links to videos and lyrics. John Denver (1943-1997) plays the guitar and sings "Country Roads." John Denver sings "Today", "Annie's Song", "Leaving on a Jet Plane" and also sings in Chinese: "In a Far Away Land."

Little North Korean Girl Playing Guitar. YouTube video, 3:20 min. Kang Eunju attends Shin Hung Kindergarten in Hamhung City in North Korea. Here she plays a tune from a children's movie: "Boy Commander."

788.5 Flute, (Pan flute)

Amazing Grace, David Döring, Panflöte in den Bergen, Panflute. (Translation from German: Panpipes in the mountains). YouTube video, 3:13 min. David Doring was born in Kazakhstan, Central Asia in 1980. The official language is Turkic Kazakh.

Flute from Wikipedia.

Flute. Instruments: Woodwinds: Flute, from ThinkQuest Library. "Flutes are instruments of a long history, but this flute [Western classical flute] came to Europe from the East in the 12th century."

Pan flute from Wikipedia. "The pan flute or pan pipe is an ancient musical instrument based on the principle of the closed tube, consisting usually of five or more pipes of gradually increasing length (and, at times, girth). The pan flute has long been popular as a folk instrument, and is considered the first mouth organ, ancestor of both the pipe organ and the harmonica."

789.14 Popular music, Country musicians, Musicians, Singers, (Juke box music), (Oldies music)

Homeless Boy Steals The Talent Show. YouTube video, 8:01 min. Uploaded on Jun 12, 2011. "One cannot help but be moved to tears by this amazing young man; Sung-bong Choi. When Sung-bong decided to sing on the Talent Show 'Korea's Got Talent' he had no idea that he would win the hearts of millions all over the world! His story of his childhood is so moving that even the judges had a hard time keeping their composure. He told the judges that even though he didn't think he could sing very well, he sang because it made him happy. They couldn't have been more surprised."

John Denver, Remembered Fondly Today.

Oldies Time Machine from upchucky.org. Just choose a year from 1940 to 1999 on this Juke Box Machine . . . Click to Blast-Off on a trip down memory lane.

SongsTube. Pick your choice, click to watch free videos and listen to songs and music: Top 100 Artists, Top 100 Songs, Top Singers, 90s Rock, R&B, Reggae, Jazz, Italian, Latin Music, Classic Rock, 80s Bands, Guitar Heroes, Metal Punk, and more.

Susan Boyle - Britains Got Talent 2009 Episode 1 - Saturday 11th April | HD High Quality. YouTube video, 5:49 min. Uploaded on Apr 11, 2009.

790 Games, Games - Rules, Recreation, Amusements, (Hobbies), (Collectors and collecting)

GAME DOWNLOADS from Amazon.com.

1001 Online Games. Play free online games. Choices: All Games, Action Games, Adventure Games, Arcade Games, Board Games, Card Games, Puzzle Games, Racing Games, Sports Games, Various Games.

Akinator the Genius. "Think about a character, and I will guess him or her. When you're ready, tap on PLAY".

ChessKIDS Academy Games Room: Battleships, Checkers, Chess, Concentration, Join the Dots, Tetris, Tic-Tac-Toe.

Everyrule in the Universe. Rules for everything from board games, card games, casino games, kids games, computer games, sports, Emily and Peggy Post's etiquette, formal table setting, tipping, wedding etiquette, core rules of netiquette, TV game shows (Family Feud, Jeopardy, Let's Make a Deal, Wheel of Fortune ...), to rules of writing (grammar, punctuation, writing style rules). Lengthy topics have A-Z listings.

Free Brain Age Games. Measure your Brain Age in 2 minutes by playing some games.

Gamequarium.com. 1500 learning games. Select level for games: Pre-K to 2, Grades 3 to 6+ (some games suitable up to Grade 12). Many categories to choose from. Include Trivia Games, Strategy Games, Memory Games, Optical Illusion Scrambler, Human Body Quiz Game, Inventors, Earth, Dinosaur, Outer Space, and other Quiz Games, Keyboarding, Typing (tutorials), WPM Tester (test how many words you can type in one minute), Math, Music, Brain Teasers, Safety, Social Studies, Science, Spanish, Holiday Fun, Send E-Card, and more.

Games from EverythingZoomer.com.
Most Popular Games
Arcade Games
Card Games
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Strategy Games
Word Games
Quiz Games

Games and Other Fun Stuff. Links to games, activities, brain teasers on the Internet for elementary school students, e.g Brain Teasers, CLN: For Kids, Funbrain, Funschool, and others.

Games to play - Lunar arcade provides a range of online games for children, rated by users.

How Smart Is Your Right Foot? This will boggle your mind. And, you will keep trying it at least 5 more times to see if you can outsmart your foot. But you can't!!!
1. While sitting at your desk, lift your right foot off the floor and make clockwise circles with it.
2. Now, while doing this, draw the number "6" in the air with your right hand. Your foot will change direction!

Puzzle. If you can complete this puzzle, you don't have Alzheimer's Disease! (Need Adobe Flash Player to do the puzzle).

Scientific Computing & Visualization - Interactive WWW Games from Boston University.

Sesame Street - Games. Dot-to-Dot, Letters, Numbers, Shapes, Sorting, Special Games. Site also includes: Stories, Art, and Music activities.

Tic Tac Toe by Jeff Boulter. Your choice of a Tic Tac Toe board 3-7 wide by 3-7 tall with 3-7 in a row needed to win.

791.3 Circuses

Beijing Circus Show in Paris - cirque de Pekin. Single circus act on wire. YouTube video, 5:42 min.

791.43 Motion pictures, (Movies), Films, Academy Awards, (Cinema), (Cinemas), (Movie theaters), (Drive-in theaters), (Motion picture actors and actresses)

Movie Stars at MGM's 20th Birthday Party 1943
(Click to enlarge photo)

This is a promotional photo of 65 movie stars under contract
with MGM at the Studio's 20th Birthday Party, 1943.
Photo source: 22 Words

65 Movie Stars from Left to Right:
1st Row: James Stewart, Margaret Sullivan, Lucille Ball, Hedy Lamarr, Katharine Hepburn, Louis B. Mayer, Greer Garson, Irene Dunne, Susan Peters, Ginny Simms, Lionel Barrymore
2nd Row: Harry James, Brian Donlevy, Red Skelton, Mickey Rooney, William Powell, Wallace Beery, Spencer Tracy, Walter Pidgeon, Robert Taylor, Pierre Aumont, Lewis Stone, Gene Kelly, Jackie Jenkins
3rd Row: Tommy Dorsey, George Murphy, Jean Rogers, James Craig, Donna Reed, Van Johnson, Fay Bainter, Marsha Hunt, Ruth Hussey,Marjorie Main, Robert Benchley
4th Row: Dame May Whitty, Reginald Owen, Keenan Wynn, Diana Lewis, Marilyn Maxwell, Esther Williams, Ann Richards, Marta Linden, Lee Bowman, Richard Carlson, Mary Astor
5th Row: Blanche Ring, Sara Haden, Fay Holden, Bert Lahr, Frances Gifford, June Allyson, Richard Whorf, Frances Rafferty, Spring Byington, Connie Gilchrist, Gladys Cooper
6th Row: Ben Blue, Chill Wills, Keye Luke, Barry Nelson, Desi Arnaz, Henry O'Neill, Bob Crosby, Rags Ragland

100 Greatest Films. Introduction: The Greatest Films - Specializing in some of the greatest Hollywood and American Film, written by Tim Dirks.

100 Greatest Foreign Films from Movieline Magazine.

About.com Movies. Links to numerous movies sites: Action-Adventure Movie, Classic Movies, Comedy Movies, Dramatic Movies, Home Video/DVD, Horror Books and Movies, Romantic Movies, Screenwriting, and other sites.

Academy Awards - The Oscars The Academy Awards®, affectionately known as the Oscars®, are the oldest, best known, most influential, most prestigious, and famous of film awards. History: 1927/8-39, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s Academy Awards Summaries.

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The Academy, Academy Foundation, Academy Awards - Oscar Winners, Center for Motion Picture Study, Events Calendar, Press Area, Publications, Academic Awards Database (Search Nominations and Winners from 1927 to the present by year, class, and category).

All Movie Guide. Film Finder, People Finder, Quick Browse. Glossary. Featured: Movies, Directors, and Actors of the 1940's. New in Theaters. Movie Stars Born Today, and more.

All Time 100 Movies. Movie Critics Richard Schickel and Richard Corliss pick the top 100 films, TIME magazine.

AMC Theatres. Show Times for U.S. and Canada: Search by city, theater, movie, or zip or postal code. Link to Movie Watcher online.

American Film Institute (AFI). A non-profit educational and cultural organization. "AFI is America's promise to preserve the history of the motion picture, to honor the artists and their work and to educate the next generation of storytellers. AFI provides leadership in film, television and digital media and is dedicated to initiatives that engage the past, the present and the future of the moving image arts." AFI Catalog of Featured Films. AFI Videos. AFI's 100 Years. List of 100 Movies documented AFI's celebration of cinema's centennial. Each special honors a different aspect of excellence in American film. 100 Movies 10th Anniversary Edition.

Ancient History in the Movies - List of films related to Pre-Historic Humans, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Biblical Epic/Ancient Israel, Classical Greece, Hellenistic Greece, Roman Empire, Biblical Epic/Life of Christ, Biblical Epic/Early Christian; Medieval History in the Movies - List of movies on medieval themes; and Modern History in the Movies - Contents include: Roots of Western Culture, European Expansion and Colonialism, Renaissance, French Revolution, American Revolution, Industrial Revolution, 19th Century, World War I, World War II, Holocaust, Modern Science and Its Conflicts, Visions of the Future, etc.; from Internet Modern History Sourcebook.

The Best 1,000 Movies Ever Made by the film critics of the New York Times.

Cineplex Entertainment: Famous Players, Cineplex Odeon, Galaxy. List of Movies Now Playing in U.S. and Canada with synopsis for each movie, Select a City for a movie theater or cinema near you, Check Show Times, Buy Tickets Online, Movie Trailers also show video excerpts, includes list of Movies Coming Soon.

Drive-Ins.com: The Definitive Resource for Drive-In Information. Search for Drive-In theaters in U.S., Canada, or International locations for theater or cinema locations (most with photos), show times, map directions, as well as current weather condition.

E! Online. Entertainment site. Latest news, Features, Gossip, Reviews, Celebrities, Fun and Games, Multimedia, and E! TV.

earlycinema.com: An Introduction to Early Cinema, the first decade of motion pictures. Site focuses on early pioneers and prehistory of cinema. Categories include: timeline, pioneers, technology, topics A-Z, films, essays, and resources.

The Envelope: The Ultimate Award Site from Los Angeles Times. Past Winners: A comprehensive database of winners and nominees from film, music, television and theater. The database features information for more than 100 U.S., Canadian and British shows dating to 1916.

Europa Film Treasures Digitally Preserves 194 Films From 1890s to 1970s.

FilmCAN. Select a region across Canada or a Canadian city near you. Categories include What's Playing, Search Movies by Theatre, Complete Film List, Coming Soon, Trailers, Movie Links, etc.

Film Ratings - Movie Ratings from filmratings.com. Voluntary movie rating system began in 1968. Many motion pictures have been rated by CARA (Classification & Rating Administration): G (Safe for children), PG (Parental Guidance), PG-13 (Some material may be inappropriate for pre-teenagers), R (Contains some adult material - not appropriate for young children), NC-17 (Patently adult. Children are not permitted). Site provides FAQ and Purpose of Rating System. See List of Movie Ratings

Film Reference. Find biographies and detailed factual information on Actors and Actresses A-Z, Directors A-Z, Films A-Z (Movie titles), Writers and Production Artists A-Z.

Folkstreams: The Best of American Folklore Films. Documentary films about American folk or roots culture. Contents: Film Titles A-Z, Filmmakers & Distributors A-Z, Film Subjects include: Aging Agriculture, Arts & Crafts, Children, Customs, Drama, Ethnic & Immigrant Cultures, Family, Festivals/Customs, Healing & Medicine, Music, Religion, Women, Work, and more.

The Greatest 100 Movies of All Time from AMC.

Hulu. Watch your favorites anytime for free: TV shows, Movies. Currently available to U.S. residents only. Browse TV Show Alphabetically. Browse Movies Alphabetically.

Internet Movie Database (IMDb) in US and UK. The ultimate movie reference source. Covers hundreds of thousands of motion picture titles with over 2,500,000 filmography entries. Continuously updated.

Kids-In-Mind: The Parents' Guide to Movies and Video. Useful site for parents. Impartially rates films and videos. Assigns ratings from 0 to 10 in 3 categories: Sex, Violence, and Profanity. Explains in detail why a film rates high or low on a specific category. Includes list of Adult Issues and Messages, i.e. what values the film is conveying. Does not make age-specific recommendations. Search film titles A-Z.

Masters of Cinema. Collection of classic and world cinema.

Movie Trailers from Apple: QuickTime. Watch a movie trailer of Now Playing movies. Includes Complete Movie Trailer Archive listed by Studio: 20th Century Fox, Artisan Entertainment, Columbia Pictures, DreamWorks S.K.G., Focus Features, Fox Searchlight, Independent, Lions Gate Films, MGM Studios, Miramax Films, New Line Cinema, Paramount Classics, Paramount Pictures, Sony Classics, Touchstone, Universal, Walt Disney, and Warner Bros.

Moviefone.com. Film and cinema listings. Find out what movies are playing in a theater near you, in U.S. and Canada. Show times and tickets. Search by Title, by Movie Star, or by Type of Film: New Releases, Drama, Comedy, Action, Horror/Sci-Fi, Family, Art/Foreign. Includes Parent's Rating Guide. Personalize your neighborhood. See Trailer Park for latest previews in streaming video. Free download of video clips.

MovieTickets.com. Tickets and Showtimes for movies shown in U.S. and Canada. Search for Movie Showtimes by Zip code or Postal code, by City, and select by State or Province. This Week's Top Movie. Review and Preview of the Rest of the Best movies.

MovieWeb: The Internet Movie Network. New movie releases, Now playing, Upcoming movie releases, Movies available on video, Entertainment news and info, Movies by Year, Box Office Stats, Top 50+ All Time Highest Grossing Movies, Movie Poll, Movie Studios, Studio Briefing, and FAQ.

Tribute.ca. Check out Show Times of movies in Canada (5 day coverage) by City, by Movie, and by Theatre. Select from Greater Toronto, Greater Ottawa, Greater Montreal, Greater Vancouver, or choose individual cities from A-Z. Includes Movie Info, Trailers, Tribute TV, Star Chat (Interviews with TV or movie stars), Tribute Magazines, Contests, Top 20 Highest Ranked NOW PLAYING Movies, News, Links to Movie Studios, Trivia, and more.

Top Movies from Rotten Tomatoes. Created by movie-buff Senh Duong in 1998, Rotten Tomatoes has grown to become a premier destination for both casual movie-goers and film buffs alike. Top Movies: Academy Awards from Rotten Tomatoes. View by Year from 1998 on, or by Category. Includes: Top Movies: Golden Globes, Top Movies: Cannes Film Festival, Top Movies: Tomato Awards - Every year, Rotten Tomatoes presents its own awards for the theatrical releases most loved and most reviled by the critics, Best of: In Theaters (links to shows, trailers), Best of: Recent Videos, Best of: All Time, and more.

Turner Classic Movies. A movie heaven with more than 350 movies a month. History section presents the greatest movies from the 1920s through the 1980s, featuring the silent screen, International pictures, as well as all of Hollywood's genres, commercial-free, uninterrupted, 24-hours a day. Archives include star and director of the month, interviews, biographies of recently deceased movie stars. Extensive library consists of over 5000 classic film titles, with links to other movie sites.

791.45 Television movies, TV talk shows, (TV movies), (TV shows), Television programs, (TV programs), Interviewing on television, Television serials, Soap operas, Emmy Awards

About.com TV Shows. Links to Classic TV Site, Primetime TV Site, TV Shows by Network - Interior Decorating, TV Shows on Decorating and Design, TV Shows, TV Comedy Shows and Sitcoms, Top TV Shows of All Time, Collecting TV Shows, etc.

Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. Emmy Awards are administered by three sister organizations: Academy of Televison Arts & Sciences, National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, and International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. Emmy Awards recognize excellence within various areas of the television industry. Includes Primetime Emmy Awards history, Timeless: Classic Emmy Moments Galleries, Emmy Locations 1949-2009.

Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. Info on Emmy Awards. Activities (Calendar, Past Academy Events), Awards, Emmy Magazine, Hall of Fame, Archive of American Television, Leonard H. Goldenson Theatre, Film Group Info.

Audiences Unlimited Online - tvtickets.com. Your source for free TV tickets to be a part of the studio audience of TV shows.

Beeline TV. Free Online Televisions Channel from Around the World. Free Internet TV Channels. To watch the internet TV channels on this page you need a player: Media Player for 'Media' streams, Real Player for 'Real' streams and Apple's Quicktime Player for 'Qtime' streams. Available on many platforms (including Windows, Mac OS and Linux) TV streams can be played using VLC or MPlayer. A fast connection to the internet is recommended.

The Dr. Oz Show. Videos, articles, recipes, quizzes, challenges, Oz Radio, Questions and Answers, The Dr. Oz Book Corner. Mehmet Oz from Wikipedia. "Mehmet Cengiz Oz (Turkish: Öz . . . born June 11, 1960), best known as Dr. Oz, is a Turkish-American cardiothoracic surgeon, author, and host and commentator for the syndicated daily television program . . . The Dr Oz Show."

The Great TV Shows of the 50's, 60's, and Roots of Rock n Roll from Oldies Television.

Hulu. Watch your favorites anytime for free: TV Shows, Movies. Currently, video library can only be streamed from within the United States.

Oldies Television. Over 100 of the Greatest TV Shows of the 50's & 60's.

The Oprah Winfrey Show. O, The Oprah Magazine. Oprah's Books. Oprah's Angel Network. About Oprah - Oprah: Life & Times, Oprah's Bio. Browse the Oprah Winfrey Show Archive from 1999 to 2006. Find out When and Where Is Oprah On - across United States and Canada - Local listings include: TV channel, show time, local phone number, and channel website if available. Be on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Global Distribution List for The Oprah Winfrey Show: 121 countries A-Z, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.

TV Guide Online TV Listings, News and Gossip, Television, Movies, Star Attractions, Soaps, Video, Chat, Shopping, Backstage Photo Gallery. Got a TV question? Ask the Televisionary.

792 Theater, (Musicals), (Opera), (Operetta)

AllAboutOpera.com - Your Gateway to Opera on the Web. Site contains information on over 495 composers and 1300 operas.

Amira Willighagen - O Mio Babbino Caro - HD - André Rieu (Love in Venice) Maastricht - 2014. Amira Willighagen is 9 years old. YouTube video, 7:52 min. Published on Jan 17, 2015.

CultureFinder.com. Search over 350,000 theater, music, opera, dance and visual arts events in over 1500 towns and cities in the U.S. and Canada. Search events by dates. Buy tickets. Learn more about Theater and Broadway, Classical and Opera, Visual Arts, Dance and Film.

Theatre and Performance Collections from Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

792.8 Dance, Ballet, Modern dance

Ballet from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Etymologsy (origin of the word "ballet"), History of ballet, Technique, Methods, Illusion of flight in ballet.

Ballet Encyclopedia. Collection of ballet articles organized by subjects. See also The History of Ballet.

Ballet: Perfect in Pink from ThinkQuest. Basic Moves, History: Ballet Through the Centuries, Famous Ballets: Coppelia, Giselle, Swan Lake, The Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty.

Cyber Dance - Ballet and Modern Dance on the Net. Links to: Ballet and Modern Dance Companies in United States and Canada, Colleges and Universities in the United States and Canada that offer dance programs, Dance Schools and dance instruction in the United States and Canada, Ballet and Modern Dance Companies, Universities and Schools outside the US or Canada, Summer dance camps and other special Summer programs, News and Information (Worldwide), and more.

Dance from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Origins and history of dance, Dancing and music, Dance by ethnicity or region: Dance in South Asia, India, Dance in Europe and North America, Concert (or performance) dance, DanceSport (dance as sport), Dance studies, Dance occupations.

Great Chinese State Circus - Swan Lake. YouTube video, 4:29 min.

Guang Dong - Pas de deux - LE PLUS GRAND CABARET DU MONDE. Absolutely amazing ballet performance from China. YouTube video, 6:42 min.

Happy People Dancing on Planet Earth from NASA APOD (Astronomy Picture of the Day). Video, 4:53 min. July 10, 2012. "Matt Harding traveled through many nations on Earth, planned on dancing, and filmed the result. This video ... is a dramatic example that humans from all over planet Earth feel a common bond as part of a single species. Happiness is frequently contagious." Film created by Matt Harding and Melissa Nixon. Editor: Jarrod Pasha. Travel and Event Coordinator Ranee Stewart. Song: "Trip the Light" - Music composed by Garry Schyman, Lyrics by Alicia Lemke and Matt Harding.

JUNIORS Gimme some Rhythm CHAMPION The Dance Pac. YouTube video, 2:47 min. Fever International Dance Championships. Published May 13, 2015.

Modern dance from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Russian Swan Lake Training FRAGE. 50 fantastic photos of ballet dancers. PowerPoint presentation from AuthorStream.com.

Want You Back/ The Dance PAC. YouTube video, 2:54 min. Junior Acro Small Group age 9. Choreography by Nicole Bowser. 1st Overall Acro Group 12 & Under (Kick It Up). 2nd Overall Junior Small Group (FEVER Collingwood). Published on Dec 30, 2015 by Dance PAC Inc.

793.2 Parties, Children's parties, Showers (Parties), (Bridal showers), (Baby showers), (Invitations)

Baby-Shower.com. Hundreds of baby shower games, party themes, invitations, baby shower favors, gift ideas, decorations, and poems!

Bridal shower from Wikipedia. History, Customs and gift-giving, Hosts, Guests, Prevalence.

Bridal Showers. Themes from Martha Stewart. The Etiquette of Bridal Showers.

793.3 Square dancing, Folk dancing, Ballroom dancing, Belly dancing, Break dancing, Tap dancing, (Country western dancing), (Line dancing), (Round dancing)

Belly Dance from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Belly Dance Home Page (Oriental Dance). Numerous links to belly dance or oriental dance sites, including: Origins of Oriental Dance by Me'ira (aka Cala). Belly Dance Frequently Asked Questions.

Dance Style Locator. People Like Me Viewer's Guide to dance styles in Africa, Latin America, Asia , Europe, North America - United States, Caribbean, Oceania / Polynesia - Hawaiian Islands: Hula. This is a growing Online Encyclopedia of World Dance. Check out all the styles in the archives, by year or by style. Includes Performer Biographies.

Dosado.com: Western Square Dancing. Largest square and round dance resource on the Internet. Contents: Clubs, Organizations, Events, National Conventions, Beginner Classes, Resources, Round Dancing, Country Western Dancing, Line Dancing, Contra Dancing, Traditional Country Dancing, and more.

793.7 Jokes

Aha! Jokes: Clean Humor and Funny Pictures. Search jokes or funny pictures by category or keyword. Includes Funny Videos, Fun Downloads, Funny Audio, and links to other humor sites.

AJokeADay.com. Free fresh clean jokes every day since 1995. Categories: Today's Jokes, Random Joke, The Latest Jokes, Search for your favorite joke.

Bloopers in Church Bulletins. These hilarious but unintentional "jokes" appeared in church bulletins or were announced in church services.

Christians Unite: All Clean & Family Safe Christian Jokes. Hundreds of clean jokes and Christian humor.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Enlightenment - a book with many hilarious jokes by Lenny Ravich. Lenny is a Gestalt therapist who believes in the benefits of using humor and laughter in our lives. View Lenny Ravich - Dance Life Show. YouTube video, 11:22 min.

I Used to Believe - The Childhood Beliefs Site. Common Beliefs.

Joke Archives from FunnyCleanJokes.com. Browse by category, Search by keyword, or Browse All the Jokes. Funny Fotos - photos and signs, and Cartoons.

Jokes for Kids. Children's humor, riddles.

Jokes Place. Categories include: Animal Jokes, Children Jokes, Men and Women Jokes, Workplace Jokes, and others, plus Top 10 Jokes Place rated jokes of all time.

Kids Jokes: You Quack Me Up.

Tofu Like a Football. YouTube video, 1:01 min. Skilful Chinese woman juggles a delicate piece of tofu like a football.

793.73 Crossword puzzles, Puzzles, (Trivia), Picture puzzles, (Jigsaw puzzles), Mathematical recreations, Questions and answers, Word games

American Crossword Puzzle Tournament: Crossword Links. Including: On-Line Newspaper Crosswords, Online Dictionaries and Solving aids, Software, Puzzle Contests and Competitions, American crosswords, Java/Flash/Shock Puzzles, Cryptic Crosswords, Crisscross style (with clues), Other puzzles and diversions, Puzzles for Kids, Corssword Puzzles in Other Langues, Puzzle People, Newsgroups, Listserves, Gophers, and FAQs, Computing & Algorithms, and more.

Archimedes' Laboratory: Explore, Learn & Have Fun with Puzzles. Puzzles to make, Puzzles to solve, plus Peculiar puzzles, Labyrinths & mazes, Optical illusions, Math curiosities, Tricks to perform, Online games, Send a puzzle card, and more.

BrainBashers: Puzzles, Games, Brain Teasers and Optical Illusions.

Crossword / Games. Crosswords and Games from New York Times. Includes Sudoku. Every day on NYTimes.com you can solve a new sudoku puzzle that matches your level of expertise. Select easy, medium or difficult. Sudoku Problem Solver in PHP scripts.

Crossword Puzzle Games. 32,400 free crossword puzzles. Get help with a puzzle or create your own puzzles. Each crossword puzzle grid is unique, there are no duplicates. All words used are dictionary words. Every effort was made to use only family friendly words, suited for all ages.

Crossword Puzzles by Ray Hamel. Crossword Web Links include: Daily Puzzles, Weekly Puzzles, Monthly Puzzles, Other Puzzle Sites, as well as Foreign Language Puzzles, Articles about Crosswords, Crossword Software Packages, Solving Tools, and Anagram Generators.

Double Vision and the Art of Arcimboldo. PowerPoint presentation. See also Life and Work of Giuseppe Arcimboldo, 1527 - 1593.

FamilyFun: Games. Online games, kids games. Free trials.

Free Jigsaw Puzzles.com. Puzzles of nature, animals, buildings, scenery, art, flowers, sea, cartoons and fractals. Includes Valentine, Christmas, and Halloween jigsaw puzzles.

Free Kid's Games from theKidzpage. Includes Jigsaw Puzzles, Learning Games, Online Toys & Movies, Free Colouring Pages.

Free Online Jigsaw Puzzles at Crea-Soft. Choose Easy, Average, or Hard jigsaw puzzles to try your skills.

Hangman - A non-Java Hangman game you can play over the Web with 14 dictionaries to choose from, and a total of 5972 words and phrases. See also:
Hangman Game from WebHangman.com. Choose a game type: Hangman with High Scores, Hangman Multiplayer, Kangaroo Hangman, Vocabulary Hangman, Hangman Extreme. Keeps score. With sound.
Hangman Game
Online Hangman
Hangman.no. Choose a language: English, Norsk, or Nederlands. Choose a category. Shows scores. With sound.
Free Online Educational Games from The Problem Site
Flash Hangman Games for ESL Students
ESL: Games: Hangman.

Matchstick Puzzles from Family Learning from the Learning Tree.

ONE ACROSS. Crossword Clue Search. Solve over 1300 Cryptograms Online. Anagram Finder. Online Dictionary. Try Crossword Puzzle Purity Test to check your knowledge of the most common clues used in crossword puzzles.

Puzz.com. This 200+ page site hosts IQ tests, puzzles, games, trivia, freebies, and contests for prizes.

Puzzlemaker from Discovery Education. A puzzle generation tool for teachers, students and parents. Create and print customized word search, crossword and math puzzles using your word lists. Build your own maze or print Puzzlemaker's specialty hand-drawn mazes created around holidays and classroom topics.

Unscramble.net. Scramble - Unscramble, find, rhyme or define that word!

793.8 Riddles, Puzzles, Magic tricks, Ventriloquism

Criss Angel BeLIEve: Criss Rips Bodies Apart (On Spike). YouTube video, 3:36 min. Not for the faint of heart.

David Copperfield - Flying (Levitation). YouTube video, 6:59 min.

Easy Magic Tricks - Free Magician Card Secrets. Card tricks, Coin tricks, Street magic, Levitation tricks, Quick tricks, Optical illusions.

GRiN:) A Place to Entertain Your Brain. Site includes Riddles, Jokes and Puzzles (Sudoku). A large collection of Riddles which include: Good Riddles, Picture Riddles, Kids Riddles, Math Riddles, Logic Riddles, as well as Riddles of the Greeks, of Homer, Socrates, Aristotle, Plato, Edgar Allan Poe, and many more.

Incredible Magic Trick: The Lottery Illusion. YouTube video, 6:29 min. Magician Nate Staniforth performs the impossible and amazing 'Lottery Ticket Illusion.'

Jaehoon Lim - 2011 Le Plus Grand Cabaret Du Monde. Magic tricks with doves by Jaehoon Lim on France TV. YouTube video, 4:52 min.

Just for Fun: Magic Tricks. Links to Free Instructional Sites from WannaLearn.com.

Magic and Illusion: Simple Tricks for Beginners. Easy Magic Tricks That You Can Learn and Perform for Your Friends by Wayne Kawamoto, About.com.

Magic Tricks from Kaboose.com. Kids' Links to Magic Tricks, Illusions, Mind Reading. Learn the art of illusions.

Magic Tricks from MysteryNet's Kids Mysteries. Includes Magician's Rules.

Magic Tricks from Kidzone. Description of magical tricks in words only: Abraca-chicken Magic Trick, Card Tricks 1-7, Coin Magic Tricks 1-2, Magic Bottle Trick, Magic Envelope Trick, Magic Toothpick Trick, Rope Trick, Sugar Cube Magic Trick, and Walkthrough Paper Puzzle.

Magic Tricks for Kids from Activity Village.co.uk.

Magical Kingdom Magic Page. Learn kids magic tricks. Illustrated. Magic paper ring, Magic handkerchief, Magic rope trick, Magic elastic band, Magic coin trick, Funny tricks, Body & mind magic.

The Magical Rope Trick. Las Vegas Magician Mac King demonstrates how to perform the Rope Trick. YouTube video, 2:11 min. Published on Apr 29, 2016 by VEGASSEVEN.

Magicians. Links from Open Directory including: David Blaine, David Copperfield, The Amazing Kreskin, Siegfried and Roy, and others. Links to magicians by countries. Card Tricks. Magic: Online Effects. Optical Illusions.

Simeon's Cave of Magic and Simeon's Travel Telepathy.

Shin Lim // A message. Amazing card tricks with Shin Lim on YouTube, 4:02 min. Published on Nov 14, 2015 by Shin Lim."This is my tribute video to the tragedy that has occurred in Paris, France. My heart goes out to all those affected. Pray. For. Paris ...

For my fellow magician friends: In case you were wondering this is my 52 shades of Red V2 Routine." See shinlimmagic.com

Ventriloquism from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Ventriloquism: How to Speak Without Moving Your Lips - Ventriloquism Secrets, Instructions, Tips, Performance Advice, and more.
Ventriloquism 101: Learn How to Be a Ventriloquist.
Ventriloquism Exercises.
Ventriloquism in a Month by Cecil H. Bullivant.
Paul Winchell from Wikipedia. "(December 21, 1922 - June 24, 2005) was an American ventriloquist, voice actor, comedian, inventor, and humanitarian, whose entertainment career flourished in the 1950s and 1960s."
Edgar Bergen from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. At the height of their popularity in 1938, Bergen was presented an Honorary Oscar (in the form of a wooden Oscar statuette) for his creation of Charlie McCarthy.
Vent Haven Museum - The world's only museum dedicated to the art of ventriloquism. Multimedia includes Images, Audio, Video.

794.1 Chess

Chess for Kids from ThinkQuest, a resource for chess players of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced tournament players. Site provides tutorials to improve your strength, as well as chess puzzles to practice on and learn from. See also: The Rules of Chess for Kids.

Chess Is Fun by Jon Edwards, United States Correspondence Chess Champion. Easy chess lessons. Also learn about chess tactics, chess openings, and view some of the greatest chess games ever played!

Chess Tutorials and Chess Lessons. Links to Free Online Tutorials, Instruction, Analysis.

ChessKIDS Academy. The coolest place on the net for kids to learn chess. Excellent site for motivated children and adults who wish to learn how to play chess. Lessons, quizzes, and games.

Chinese Chess. History, Board, Pieces, Placement of Pieces, Movement of Pieces, Rules. Download.

Famous Chess Players from Chess.about.com.

Laws of Chess from FIDE Handbook: Chess Rules. FIDE (Federation Internationale des Echecs), World Chess Federation, founded on July 20, 1924 in Paris, France. Includes information on World Chess Champions.

Rules of chess from Wikipedia.
The Rules of Chess.
Illustraded Rules of Chess
How to Play Chess: Rules and Basics.
Internet Chess Club (ICC).
Chess Rules.
How to Play Chess : How to Play Aggressive Chess. YouTube video, 1:49 min.

Rules of Chess from The Chess Store. Note: These are not the official chess rules. These chess rules are intended to help individuals new to the chess game, get the chessboard setup correctly to have a legitimate and enjoyable game. Contents include: Object of the Chess Game, Chess Board Setup, How the Chess Pieces Move (King, Queen, Bishop, Knight, Rook, Pawn), Chess Board Notation, Castling, Check.

World Chess Federation. Contents include Laws of Chess, Top Players List, Calendar of Tournaments, Ratings and Statistics.

794.4 Bowling

Bowling from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

BowlingPedia: The Bowling Encyclopedia.

Champion de Bowling. Short but amazing video, 12 sec.

How to Keep Score When Bowling from eHow.com. Candlepin Bowling History. Tips on Hooking a Bowling Ball. Rules for 10 Pin Bowling.

796 Sports, Sports - Rules, Outdoor recreation

A to Z Encyclopedia of Ice Hockey. Free access resource for hockey fans world-wide. Site covers ice hockey around the world, including details about hockey players, people, teams, leagues, competitions, awards, events, rinks, books, magazines, Web sites, etc.

Almanac: Sports from infoplease. Links to: Olympics, Basketball, College Basketball, Pro Football, College Football, Other Sports, Baseball, Hockey, Golf, Tennis, and Biographies. Includes The Name Game: The origins of professional sports' team names in the U.S.

American Discovery Trail. Stretching across more than 6800 miles and 15 states, the ADT is the only coast-to-coast, non-motorized recreational trail. Linking communities, cities, parks and wilderness, the ADT allows people to hike, bike or ride horses for an afternoon or cross-country adventure.

CBS SportsLine. Information on Scores and Top Sports News. Links to NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAA Hoops, Golf, Tennis, Racing. Fast Facts on Standings, Schedules, Stats, Teams, Players, and Fantasy.

ESPN SportsZone (MSN). Sport Sections provide links to MLB (Major League Baseball), NBA, Men's and Women's College Basketball, NHL, Golf Online, Soccer, SoccerNet (UK), NFL, College Football, Tennis, Auto Racing, Boxing, CFL, etc.

Everyrule in the Universe. Rules for everything under the sun.

Find Tickets Fast - Sports Tickets, Sporting Events Tickets to every Major sports event in the United States and where applicable in Canada as well. Tickets to MLB, Nascar, NBA, NCAA Basketball, NCAA Football, NFL, and NHL (Huh?) - All ticket prices in U.S. dollars.

Football: Official College Bowl Websites from About.com. Collection of links to official websites of all college bowl games.

Fox Sports. Provides Latest News, Today's Headlines, Today's Video, Regional Headlines. Links to Scoreboards, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, etc.

International Sports Calendar a part of the Official Website of the Olympic Movement. Search for a sporting event by range of months and years (2002-2010), choose a sport, and select a country.

Look up: Recreation & Sports from Babylon.com. A large collection of online Recreation & Sports dictionaries. Find out more about rules and terms of Golf, Tennis, Baseball, Basketball, Figure Skating, Surfing, and many more sports and hobbies. Contents: Worldgolf, Sumo, Olympic Games Glossary - A Babylon Glossary, Glossary of Windsurfing Terminology, Glossary of Chess Terms, Baseball, Roller Coaster Glossary, Glossary of Stamp Collecting Terms, cigar terms, Amateur Radio QTH locator (Grid Squares).

NFL - Official Site of the National Football League. News, Scores, Stats, Schedules, Standings, Teams, Players, Rosters, and Depth Charts.

NHL (MSN). National Hockey League's official site. Sports News, Scores, Schedules, Standings, Stats, Players, Teams, Tickets, Shops, Olympics, Fun & Games, and more.

NHL Players' Association. Info on players, statistics, interviews, personal profiles, salaries (compensation) for players, and stories on various aspects of hockey.

Playing It Safe with Sports Safety. Protective gear, Use sports equipment properly, Warm up and practice, and Know the rules of the game, Communicate with your teammates, and Don't play with an injury. Includes Health Problems of Grown-Ups: Diseases & Conditions, Alzheimer's Disease, Breast Cancer, Cataracts, Osteoporosis, Stroke, and Ulcers.

Rivals.com. Your Sports Network. Links to Recruiting Experts, College Team Sites, High School Sites, as well as NFL, NHL, NBA, and Specialty Sites (Archery, Auto Racing, Cheerleading, Cycling, Fishing, Golf, Hunting, Sandboarding, Skateboarding, Skiing, Snowboarding, Soccer, Track and Field, Tennis, Water Skiing, etc.)

SkateboardDirectory.com. Links to almost everything about skateboards and skateboarding on the Web.

Snow Blades Tips.

Sports Articles from AllRefer.com in A-Z order, from aerobics to yacht. See also Sports, Biographies - brief biographies of famous sports figures, text only.

Todd's Skiboarding Page. Clarification from Todd Murray: difference between "skiboards" and "SnowBlades" is like the difference between "photocopy" and "Xerox": "skiboards" are the generic term, while "SnowBlades" is a trademark. Learn about What is skiboarding? What are skiboards? Who makes skiboards? plus links to sites with skiboarding information.

TSN.ca. Canada's Sports Leader. Coverage: Sports Scores, NHL, NBA, MLB, CFL, NFL, Golf, Racing, Tennis, Soccer, Memorial Cup, Curling, Figure Skating, University Sport. TSN Shows include TSN Extra (e.g. Latest Video Features), TSN Profile, Plays of the Year, Cable in the Class Lesson Plans, NBA Tonight, and more.

USA Today Sports. Up-to-date statistics and data on North American sports scores. Digest Link also provides updates on world sports.

Violence in Sports. ERIC Digest 1-89. Theoretical Explanations of Sports Violence, Children's Involvement in Sports, What Can Coaches and Physical Educators Do to Curb Violence in Youth Sports?

796.2 Roller skating, In-line skating, (Inline skating), (Rollerblading)

Inline Skating Resource Center - includes History of Inline Skating, Rules of the Road. See also another version of History of In-Line Skating from HickokSports.com.

Beginners Guide to Inline Skating: How to Skate from Inline Planet.

Roller Derby and Roller skating - Inline skating from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

796.33 Boxing

MuhammadAli Note to John Powers Butterfly Display by Orkin Canada, 15-17 April 2016
MuhammadAli quote at Butterfly Display by Orkin Canada, 15-17 April 2016
"I float like a Butterfly and sting like a Bee."
Hand-written note from Muhammad Ali
to John G. Powers, Butterfly Collector, March 21, 2001
Photo by I Lee
Picasa Web Album, April 15, 2016

Boxing legend Muhammad Ali dies at 74 from BBC News. "The former world heavyweight champion died late on Friday [June 3, 2016] at a hospital in the US city of Phoenix, Arizona, having been admitted on Thursday. He had been suffering from a respiratory illness, a condition that was complicated by Parkinson's disease. Ali's funeral will take place in his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky ..."

The life of Muhammad Ali 1942-2016 by James Reinl, Aljazeeera. "As a boxer, Ali will be remembered as a three-time world heavyweight champion who won 56 bouts over a 21-year career."

Muhammad Ali from Wikipedia. "Muhammad Ali, born Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr., January 17, 1942 - June 3, 2016) was an American professional boxer, generally regarded as the most significant heavyweight in the history of the sport. Ali (as Clay) began training at 12 years old. At the age of 22, he won the world heavyweight championship from Sonny Liston in a stunning upset in 1964. Shortly after that, Ali joined the Nation of Islam and changed his name. He converted to Sunni Islam in 1975, and then to Sufism in 2005. Ali retired from boxing permanently in 1981 ..."

Muhammad Ali, 'The Greatest of All Time', Dead at 74 by Jon Schuppe, NBC News. "Muhammad Ali, the silver-tongued boxer and civil rights champion who famously proclaimed himself "The Greatest" and then spent a lifetime living up to the billing, is dead ...."

796.352 Golf

1StopForGolf - Golf Course Directory. Comprehensive listing of Golf Courses throughout the United States. Directory of top public golf courses as rated by PGA professionals. Search by State and City.

24 Hour Golf - Free Golf Lessons. Free online golfing lessons and tutorial help with useful tips, hints and advice on improving your game.

Golf from CBS SportsLine.com. All about golf. Golf Tournament Schedules including:
PGA Tour (Professional Golfers' Association of America)
U.S. Open, Champions Tour
The Masters Tournament
Ryder Cup Matches.
The Golf Channel for full scoring of the PGA
GolfOnline for Leaderboard, Player Profiles, Articles from Golf Magazine
LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association), Champions, Nationwide, European Tour
Canadian Professional Golf Tour.

Golf Links from Golf Association of Ontario (GAO). Links to Canadian Golf Associations, Provincial Golf Associations, Ontario Golf Associations, Professional Golf Tours, International Golf Associations, United States Golf Associations, Weather, Miscellaneous Golf Sites, Golf Course Design/Finance, and Golf Media.

Golf Terms - Ty Daniel's Golf. What is par in golf? When can you use a mulligan? Why is it called a Birdie? To "wave other golfers up" means to allow the group of golfers directly behind you to tee off or hit up, while you are still playing on the same hole.

History of Golf from The Golf Channel.

Mini Golf. Miniature golf game for ages 5 to 105. One or two players on the same computer. Keeps score.

leaf The Rules of Golf from Golf Canada. As the governing body of golf in Canada, Golf Canada holds the exclusive right to publish and distribute the Rules of Golf in Canada. The Rules are updated every four years through the work of the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews, Scotland and the United States Golf Association.

leaf The Rules of Golf from the Royal Canadian Golf Association (RCGA).

Rules of Golf from USGA. One of the core functions of the USGA is to write and interpret the Rules of Golf. The Association does this in conjunction with the R&A in St. Andrews, Scotland. The USGA also sets guidelines for competitions and Amateur Status. Learn and play by the rules for maximum enjoyment of the game.

The Rules of Golf in PDF, 129 pages, as approved by the United States Golf Association (USGA).

796.357 Baseball

2009 World Baseball Classic. News, States, Rosters, Standings, Schedule, Multimedia.

"America's National Game:" The Albert G. Spalding Collection of Early Baseball Photographs. Over 500 photographs, prints, drawings, caricatures, and printed illustrations related to baseball.

Ballparks of Baseball. The Fields of Major League Baseball. Features details of Past, Current, and Future Ballparks in US and Canada. View seating charts of major ballparks in American League or National League. Attendance records or Baseball Teams. Comparison chart shows details of each ballpark including which teams play there, date it opened, capacity, type of surface, cost of construction and dimensions.

Baseball. From Timelines of History.

Baseball Almanac: Sharing Baseball, Sharing History. Contents include: All-Star Games (1933-current), Autographs (Baseball cards, player signature on photograph, fast facts), Baseball Awards, Ballparks, Famous Firsts, Fun & Games, Hall of Fame, Player Stats, Poetry & Song, Quotations, Rules, Umpires, Links to Baseball Boxscores, Today in Baseball History, and much more.

The Baseball Archive. Baseball History (Origins of Baseball, Professional Baseball's First Hundred Years), Team Histories, Post-Season (World Series Results), All-Star Game, Player Salaries (1985-1998), Minor Leagues, and more.

Baseball Cards 1887-1914. Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress. 2100 early baseball cards show Ty Cobb stealing third base for Detroit, Tris Speaker batting for Boston, pitcher Cy Young posing formally in his Cleveland uniform, and other baseball players: Connie Mack, Walter Johnson, King Kelly, Christy Mathewson, and more.

Baseball Primer: Baseball for the Thinking Fan. Contents: Daily Hits: Tody in Baseball History. Articles and Features. Clutch Hits: Baseball news and analysis.

The World Series at 100. Marking the 100th anniversary of the World Series, NPR's Bob Edwards looks back at memorable moments from 1903. See also History from the Official Site of Major League Baseball - MLB.com.

796.4 Gymnastics, Gymnastics - Training, Artistic gymnastics

[Acrobatics] Butterflies in Dream [CCTV Chinese New Year's Gala 2014]. YouTube video, 4:48 min. Published on Feb 4, 2014. Performed by ZHANG Wan and LI Tong. The CCTV New Year's Gala is a Chinese New Year special produced by China Central Television. The broadcast has a yearly viewership of over 700 million viewers, making it one of the premiere television events of Mainland China. It has the largest audience in the world. The show features various acts, such as drama, dance, music, and comedy. The CCTV New Year's Gala in this year was held on Jan. 31, 2014, the Chnese New Year Eve of 2014.

America's got talent - Flexible Girl. YouTube video, 1:18 min. Uploaded on May 22, 2008.

America's Got Talent Victoria Jacoby. YouTube video, 5:05 min. Uploaded on Jul 25, 2008.

China Gymnastics. Video, 4:46 min. Apr. 27, 2010.

China Gymnastics - Incredible Performance by a Couple from CCTV, 2013. Video, 5:26 min.

Cirque du Soleil: Kurios. YouTube video, 3:43 min. Published on Feb 2, 2016 by The Late Late Show with James Corden. A performance that tests the limits of the human body.

Duo Paradise Le plus grand Cabaret du Monde. (Translated from French: Duo Paradise: The greatest Cabaret in the world). YouTube video, 5:50 min. Uploaded on Mar 16, 2011.

Duo Artemiev - Trapèze - Le Plus Grand Cabaret Du Monde. "Duo Artemiev offers a number of beautiful and impressive trapeze. This number was unique in the World's Biggest Cabaret Patrick Sébastien, France."

El mejor circo del mundo Frances - NuevavipTv (Google Translate from Spanish: The best French circus in the world - New VIP TV. Incredible Chinese gymnastics. YouTube video, 7:55 min.

Les étoiles du Cirque de Pékin - Icariens - Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde (Cirque du Pekin - Circus of the Stars Beijing). YouTube video, 6:46 min. Uploaded on May 12, 2011.

The Ross Sisters (1944). YouTube video, 3:50 min.

Sergej Evplov: Ukraine talent show, amazing 7 year old kid. YouTube video, 3:59 min. Published on Mar 19, 2014.

Tsetseglen Odgerel Contortionist. Tsetse solo performance. YouTube video, 5:07 min. Uploaded on Oct 4, 2011.

Women's Beam Final - London 2012 Olympics. YouTube, 40:09 min. Published on Aug 7, 2012. Full replay of the Artistic Women's Beam Final from the North Greenwich Arena during the London 2012 Olympic Games. Artistic gymnastics was introduced at the very first Olympic Games in 1896 in Athens, and has been present at every edition of the Games since then.

796.48 Olympic games, (Olympics)

2010 Winter Olympics from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. XXI Olympic Winter Games - scheduled to be celebrated in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in 2010. Logo is named "Ilaanaq" the Inukshuk. Ilaanaq is the Inuktitut word for friend.

2010 Winter Olympics. Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics Official Website. Olympic Schedule and Results. Olympic Medals: Gold, Silver, Bronze - Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. Chart by country: Gold, Silver and Bronze medals, in order by country with the most medals won. See also details on each individual sports event, medals won, athletes, news, photos and videos. Information on each event include: About the Sport, Sport Terms, Training, Athlete's Voice, Test your knowledge with a quiz:
* Alpine Skiing
* Biathlon
* Bobsleigh
* Cross-Country Skiing
* Curling
* Figure Skating
* Freestyle Skiing
* Skiing Competition Events at Cypress Mountain: Aerials Men, Aerial Women, Moguls Men, Moguls Women, Skier Cross Men, Skier Cross Women
* Ice Hockey
* Luge
* Nordic Combined
* Short Track
* Skeleton
* Ski Jumping
* Snowboard
* Speed Skating

2014 XXII Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia:
Sochi.ru 2014 XXII Olympic Games - Schedule and Results.
Sochi 2014 Opening Ceremony: Russia welcomes the world from Olympic.org.
Olympics from Yahoo! Sports.

Ancient and Modern Olympic Sports. Contents include: Ancient Olympic Events, Take a Tour of Ancient Olympia (3 versions: tour with pictures, tour with Quick Time movies, and soon tour with Shockwave will be available), Context of the Games and the Olympic Spirit, plus Stories from Ancient Olympic Athletes.

Ancient Olympics Guide from Archaeology.org.

Interesting Olympic Facts from About.com.

The Official Website of the Olympic Movement. Contents include:
All the Games Since 1896 - Relive previous Games by selecting a date or host city.
Sports on the Olympic Programme.
Athletes - Olympic Medal Winners - To access an athlete's medal tally, search by name or consult the complete results database of Olympic medal winners by using the medal winners search.
News - Find all the news including events, press releases, publications and live results from sporting events.
The Olympic Charter
Beijing 2008 - Games of the XXIX Olympiad, August 8-24, 2008.
Vancouver 2010 - XXI Olympic Winter Games, February 12-28, 2010.
Olympic Museum Lausanne.

Olympics Through Time. Site covers the History of the Olympic Games from its ancient beginnings to the First International Olympic Games in 1896. Contents divided into 3 historical periods: Prehistory of the Olympic Games, The Olympic festival during Antiquity, and Revival of the Ancient Olympics.

The Real Story of the Ancient Olympics Games. The ancient Olympic Games were primarily a part of a religious festival in honor of Zeus, the father of the Greek gods and goddesses. Contents: Games, Athletes, Women, Politics, Commercialism, Glossary, Links, Resources, and FAQs.

796.5 Outdoor life, Wilderness survival, (Hiking), (Walking), (Backpacking), (Mountaineering)

American Hiking Society. Includes Hiking Fact Sheets: The Health Benefits of Hiking, Safety: Playing it Safe on the Trail, Hank's Hiking Handout, Step To It: A Beginner's Guide to Hiking and Walking, Mountain Bike Policy, Hiker's Journal, and more.

Wilderness Survival. Free info covering all aspects of survival.

796.54 Camping, Camps, Campgrounds, (Camp grounds), (Summer camps), Tents

About.com Camping. Top 10 Common Sense Tips for Camping, Camping Basics, Find a Campground, Campground Reviews, Camping Recipes, Camping on a Budget, Camping Checklists.

CampPage. Comprehensive listing of summer camps and wilderness programs for youth in the United States and Canada.

KidsCamps.com. Directory of over 24,000 summer camps in U.S. and Canada.

796.6 Bicycle racing, Bicycle touring, (Biking)

Best Bike Race Ever on Earth!!!. YouTube video, 2:43 min. Uploaded by spamsafe. Published on Feb 7, 2014. This bike racing is fun to watch. With water on both sides of the narrow path to fall in, it is relatively safe for the bikers if they don't make it to the end. "... it's so funny, to celebrate Indonesian Independence Day [August 17th of every year]."

Extreme downhill trail Descenso del Condor in La Paz Bolivia. YouTube video, 3:10 min. Uploaded by Filip Polc. Published on Oct 28, 2012. Comment by RaisedByWolves79: "Wow - major kudos to anyone crazy enough to take that on - so many times there's almost zero margin for error, and plenty of ways to get very ... hurt. Respect."

Insane Downhill Bike Race In Chile valparaiso polc 2011. YouTube video, 4:35 min. Uploaded by BSS TV - Bicycle Superstore. Uploaded on Mar 20, 2011. "The Valparaiso Cerro Abajo Race is a legendary urban bike race and is more extreme than skydiving. The rider must brave jumps, stray dogs, and flights of stairs along the steep downhill path."

Red Bull Rampage From Start to Finish. YouTube video, 5:31 min. Uploaded by Red Bull. Published on Oct 24, 2013. "On a gusty day in Southern Utah, a group of 25 daring mountain bikers blew the doors off what is possible on two wheels, unleashing some of the biggest moments the sport has ever seen."

Travel with Bicycles (Air/Rail/Other). Practical advice. Airports around the world. Click on country or region to see airport info. Travel with folding bikes. Touring Links (New York City by Bike, Biking in Lapland, etc.) Bicycle Rental Info (North America, Europe, World).

Way Back Home. YouTube video, 7:43 min. Watch the amazing bike riding skills of Danny MacAskill. This video follows him on a journey from Edinburgh back to his hometown Dunvegan, in the Isle of Skye, Scotland. Film directed and edited by Dave Sowerby, filmed by Dave Sowerby and Mark Huskisson, produced by RedBull, 2010. See also: Inspired Bicycles - Danny MacAskill April 2009. YouTube video, 5:38 min. GoPro: Danny MacAskill - Cascadia. YouTube video, 5:36 min. Published on Dec 10, 2015 by GoPro. "Join Danny MacAskill on an insane journey across the rooftops of Gran Canaria. Mixing vertigo-inducing lines and killer POV-footage, 'Cascadia' delivers some incredible riding." Danny MacAskill rides his bike on ledges of roof tops, on a beautiful sunny day in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, with 22 degrees Celsius temperature.

796.7 Automobile racing, (Automobiles - Racing), (Car racing)

Champ Car World Series. News, Grand Prix Event Schedule, Results, Standings, Competitors, Photo Gallery, Fan Club.

796.962 Hockey

CBC Sports: Hockey. Season Standings: Divisional, Schedules: Daily & Weekly, Transactions: Hockey Today, Injuries, Important Dates, and you can read up to the minute Team Reports (select by team name in alphabetical order, Anaheim to Washington).

NHL. National Hockey League's official site. Check playoff match-up and scores.

NHL Players' Association. Info on players, statistics, interviews, personal profiles, salaries (compensation) for players, and stories on various aspects of hockey.

797.1 Sailing, Boats and boating, Yachts and yachting, Boat racing

Basic Sailing: Rules of Sailing. Basic references for the beginner sailor. Site created by Elizabeth Fox, MLS student, Rutgers University School of Communication, Information and Library Studies (SCILS). Contents include: Boat Types, How to Sail, Knots, Nautical Flags, Boating Safety, Sailing Terms, and more.

International Sailing Federation (ISAF) Rules and Regulations 2005-2008. The Racing Rules of Sailing are revised and published every four years by the International Sailing Federation. Contents include: Regulations & Constitution, Racing Rules of Sailing, Equipment Rules of Sailing, Offshore Special Regulations, Codes, Medical and Anti-Doping, Race Officials, Technical, Suspension of Eligibility. See also Windsurfing Competition Rules and Race Signal Flags (in PDF, 52 pages).

Learn About Sailboats and How to Sail by Tom Lochhaas, About.com Guide. See also:

Beginner's Guide to Sailing by Butch Florey (Captain/Owner of Tradewinds Sailing Club), YouTube video, 3:03 min.
How to Sail a Boat : Rigging the Main Sail: Free Online Sailing Lessons. YouTube video, 2:09 min.
Basic Sailing Skills, Chesapeake Sailing School, Show Me How (to Make the Boat Stop). YouTube video, 1:29 min.
Beginner SailingTips from Discover Boating.
Beginner's Guide to Sailing. This site is dedicated to teaching new sailors the basics of sailing.
Sailing Tips for Beginners by Naomi Sarah, Buzzle.com.
Quick Sailing Tips and Techniques by Ed Schorr, Catamaran sailor, BoatSafe.com.
Glossary of nautical terms from Wikipedia.
Free Boat Plans from Bateau.com.
Free Boat Plans That Work from In the Boat Shed.net.

Racing Rules of Sailing from US Sailing. See also Rules in Brief - Summary of the Rules That Apply When Boats Meet: Simplified, Condensed, Unofficial, including Right-of-Way Rules, Passing Marks and Obstructions.

Racing Rules of Sailing from JWorld Sailing, The Performance Sailing School, San Diego, CA. Other resources include Sailing Articles, Sailing Glossary, Sailing Jobs, Sailing Links, Sailing News, Tuning Guides.

Summer Sailstice is the global holiday celebrating sailing held annually on the summer solstice, the longest sailing days of the year.

797.2 Swimming, Diving, Marathon swimming, Synchronized swimming

Fact Sheets on Healthy Swimming. From Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Information includes Disinfection Guidelines, and Illnesses sometimes spread through recreational water in the U.S.

International Swimming Hall of Fame. Search Honorees by Last Name, Honorees by Selection Category (Swimmers, Divers, Water Polo Players, Synchronized Swimmers, Coaches, and Contributors), Honorees by Country, Honorees by Class (1965-2003), Nomination and Selection Information, Award Winners, and related links.

Swimmers Guide. Find a swimming pool anywhere in the world.

Swimming and Diving from dmoz Open Directory Project. Sports: Water Sports: Swimming and Diving. Over 1300 links to swimming and diving related sites.

797.56 Skydiving

The Skydivers' Enclave. Includes A Complete Skydiving Index, Free Classified Ads for Skydivers, and Skylinks Photo Gallery.

798.4 Horse racing, (Horseracing), (Thoroughbreds), (Horsemanship)

Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame. 30-year history, 1976 to 2006. See also Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

799.1 Fishing

Canada Fishing Guides and Charters.

Fishing Guides. Fishing Guides, Fishing Charters, deep sea fishing charters, and fishing charter information for United States, Mexico, Canada, Australia, and the World.

Hind Sight. Canada Fishing Charter, Canada Fishing Guide.

United States of America Fishing Guides and Charters.

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