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Photo Gallery 1
from the Autobiography of Carl Kaas

A Member of the Dutch Underground in World War II

Photos are not arranged in any particular order.

Bomb crater in Hamersveld
1. Bomb crater in Hamersveld
(also known as Leusden-Centrum)
in Utrecht, Netherlands
Excavator machine hit by bomb 1940, not tanks
2. Not tanks, but excavation machine
hit by bomb, 1940
Dutch army blew up bridge because Germans were coming
3. Dutch army blew up bridge
because Germans were coming
Carl and Margaret Kaas inside house
4. Carl and Margaret Kaas, Sioux Narrows
Carl Kaas in cabin, Sioux Narrows
5. Carl Kaas in cabin, Sioux Narrows
Carl Kaas
6. Carl and friends built a new raft
to replace old one which tipped over in the wind.
Took 3 weeks to finally retrieve sunken vehicle.
Carl Kaas cutting bread
7. Carl Kaas having lunch en route to outpost,
Lake of the Woods, Sioux Narrows
Carl Kaas cutting bread
8. Retrieving car which sank
in Lake of the Woods, Sioux Narrows
Cutting ice blocks 3' thick by hand
9. Cutting ice blocks 3' thick by hand.
Ice blocks covered with saw dust to keep from melting.
Circa 1949-1951.
Only store open in winter
10. Only store open in winter.
Store owner wants Carl Kaas to chop wood.
Carl Kaas sawing wood, Sioux Narrows
Only store open in winter
11. Carl and Margaret Kaas working
in their own Grocery Store in Welland
Dutch friend and Carl Kaas in 1939
12. Dutch friend and Carl Kaas, 1939
Margaret and Carl Kaas
13. Water tank supplies water for tourist camp.
Margaret and Carl Kaas at tourist fishing camp,
Lake of the Woods, Sioux Narrows, ca. 1949-1953
Margaret leaning against loaded truck
14. Margaret leaning on truck
with boxes holding all their possessions, circa 1953.
Sailed from Holland with these homemade crates, ca. 1948.
Arrived and worked in western Canada,
then trucked boxes from Manitoba to Ontario.
Carl Kaas on Top of Car
15. Carl and friends built outpost camp,
6 miles from main camp, out in wilderness
Margaret beside car, house in background
16. Margaret beside family car nicknamed
"Coast-to-Coast Caribou Express", Sioux Narrows
Margaret leaning on car licence 22009
17. Margaret Kaas beside Caribou truck,
Licence #22009
Margaret and Carl Kaas in car
18. Margaret and Carl in their Caribou truck
"Convertible pickup Ford Model A"
"Best Ford ever made," says Carl, 2 Nov. 2014.
Kaas Family in Winter
19. Ice house. Pulley used to pull ice blocks
into house for storage
for use in coming summer months.
Margaret with car in woods
20. Margaret near lumber camp, Sioux Narrows.
Cut lumber laid on road. To travel on this road,
Carl Kaas drives the truck up and down
over logs laid on the ground.
Margare with First Nations Baby in Tikanagan
21. Margaret holding a native baby
in a tikinagan, Sioux Narrows
Carl Kaas in Snow
22. Carl Kaas's winter job.
Here he skis through the woods to make a short cut
to cut ice blocks, Sioux Narrows
Margaret Kaas kitchen bombed in 1940.jpg
23. Margaret Kaas works in the kitchen as housekeeper.
Dutch soldier poses with occupants of the bombed house.
Invasion of Holland, 10 May 1940.
Bridge in Netherlands
24. Sioux Narrows Bridge. Built in 1936
of Douglas fir timber as an all-wooden truss bridge,
at 210 feet (64 m), it is the longest
single-span wooden bridge in North America.
Due to its unique construction, the bridge was
designated an Ontario Heritage Site. ~ Wikipedia
Carl Kaas Map from World War II
25. Carl Kaas's hand-drawn Map of Gelderse Vallei,
Netherlands, May 1940
The Gelderland Valley is a region
located in central Netherlands.
It is two thirds in the province of Gelderland
and one third in the province of Utrecht. ~ Wikipedia.

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